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Dangers of fog for drivers

New York drivers who have driven in foggy conditions may be aware of some of the challenges fog can present, but even experienced drivers may underestimate the extent of those risks. Unfortunately, the data on fog danger is sparse although what little research exists suggests that it can be very hazardous.

Foggy conditions lead to low visibility, and while drivers typically use their high beams in other low-visibility conditions, this can be counterproductive when it is foggy. High beams can actually make it harder to see due to reflections off water droplets. Another frequently-employed strategy for dealing with fog, following closely behind the next visible vehicle, can also backfire. In order to keep the next vehicle in sight, drivers may be following too close for the weather conditions. Furthermore, drivers' estimation of how far away the lead vehicle is generally distorted compared to the same estimation made during clear conditions.

Fog can also be dangerous because it can come on suddenly. In 2012, smoke and fog that suddenly blanketed a stretch of interstate in Florida led to a 19-vehicle pileup, resulting in 18 injuries and 11 deaths. In addition to being unable to see objects ahead of them, drivers' ability to perceive contrast and speed is affected.

A person may be seriously injured in a car accident during foggy weather. While in some cases the weather conditions may be largely to blame, another motorist might also have been driving too fast given the conditions. In such an event, the injured victim may want to meet with a personal injury attorney in order to determine whether filing a lawsuit against such motorist would be advisable.

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