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The main causes of falls for construction workers

There are buildings under construction seemingly all the time in New York. As there is only so much space available in the city, most of these buildings are fairly tall buildings in order to maximize this minimum available ground space. In order to build these tall buildings, construction workers will have to work at high heights during the project. That is why it is imperative that the working conditions are safe and all workers are paying attention to what they are doing.

The protections of Labor Law 241 in New York

As people in New York know, construction projects are constantly underway in New York. Once one finishes another one is ready to begin. These projects involve heavy machinery and high heights. So, when there is an accident, the consequences can be very severe for the construction workers. Unfortunately there are many construction accidents each year in New York and many construction workers suffer catastrophic injuries.

The most common causes of deadly construction accidents

The Occupation Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has what it dubs construction's "fatal four," that is four common causes of deadly construction accidents which OSHA and, presumably state-level administrative agencies which do the same work, are trying hard to curb both in the New York City area and throughout this state.

Is workers' comp the only program available for the injured?

New Yorkers who work in the construction injury know that it is a dangerous business. Any construction site presents some special hazards and risks, such as having to work near traffic or work in high places with less than sure footing. Even when the worker is being as careful as possible, serious accidents that can lead to permanent or long-term catastrophic injuries still can and do occur.

New York firm standing up for injured construction workers

Despite advances in workplace safety and construction technology, New Yorkers continue to be injured on the job. Whether a pure accident or caused by the negligence of another, a workplace accident can leave an individual not only with serious physical injuries, but also with financial losses that can leave him or her struggling to make ends meet. Although workers' compensation may be available to help cover these financial losses, sometimes these claims are denied, and often they don't cover the full extent of one's losses.

New York construction accident leaves one in critical condition

One would think that with all of the heightened awareness on workplace safety that employers would ensure that their work environments are free from hazards. Unfortunately, though, far too many employers either neglect their duties to ensure workplace safety, or they simply don't know how to sniff out all the potential issues that can arise. Although state and federal regulations aim to give guidance to these employers, sometimes they fail to adhere to them. Sometimes, too, despite all possible safety measures being taken, a workplace accident can still occur that leaves a worker with serious injuries.

Workers' compensation and the Section 32 waiver

New Yorkers who have been injured in falls, scaffolding accidents, and ladder mishaps while on the job may have a hard enough time proving that they qualify for workers' compensation benefits. They're employer or their employer's insurer may try to claim that the employee was operating outside of his or her employment duties at the time the accident occurred. However, even those who do successfully claim workers' compensation benefits may have difficulty recovering all the benefits to which they are entitled.

Were you denied benefits for being an independent contractor?

Let's say you show up to work at your construction job every day and work carefully alongside your colleagues - who are painters, carpenters and roofers. It looks like you're all employees together, and the same boss pays your salary. The thing is, you're classified as an "independent contractor," and your coworkers are "employees."

New York worker killed in construction fall

With so little available space in New York's cities, many construction projects involve building up rather than out. This means that construction workers oftentimes have to work at excessive heights every day they go to work. For many of these individuals, the height is nothing more than another part of the job. For others, though, operating at such heights can be frightening. Yet, regardless of how one feels while working many feet up in the air, all of them are at risk of an injurious or fatal fall. This risk is multiplied when employers fail to provide adequate training and proper safety equipment. When a construction accident occurs and a worker falls, the results can be tragic.

When an Employer Cuts Corners, It Often Results in Construction Accidents

Construction professionals know that workplace safety is critical to their livelihood. Every year, far too many workers across all construction trades suffer serious injuries and accidents that may have been prevented if proper safety precautions had been taken by their employers and other contractors working on the job site. 

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