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Possible risks of anesthesia

In a major surgery, a New Yorker who is going under the knife is actually relying on at least two doctors to do their jobs well, the patient's surgeon and his or her anesthesiologist. Most major surgeries could not happen without anesthesia that sedates a person so they do not feel pain, and thus, will not move during the surgery.

Helping New Yorkers in failure to diagnose malpractice claims

Even before they are on the operating table or at the pharmacy, Long Island and Queens residents who have been to the doctor are already putting a lot of trust in him or her. The first, and most basic, thing a doctor does for his or her patients is to tell the patient what is wrong via a formal diagnosis.

Negligent misdiagnosis versus a mistake

When people in Glen Cove or elsewhere on Long Island go to a doctor to get a medical opinion, they naturally expect the diagnosis to be correct, as they should. After all, a doctor's failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis of a condition can lead to life threatening medical complications in the worst case scenario.

When is a doctor's wrong guess a case of medical malpractice?

Just like other New Yorkers, the residents of Queens and Long Island go to their doctors expecting that they will be able to tell them whether or not they are in good health or, if they are not feeling well, what it is exactly that is ailing them.

How do I pursue a medical malpractice claim?

Being injured by medical neglect can leave you in a difficult position. You will probably face physical pain and suffering, but you might also face serious financial losses in the form of medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages. In order to find a sense of justice and claim compensation for your damages, you may need to consider pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit. We hope that this post will help give you guidance with regard to the steps that should be taken once you decide to pursue this route.

Hurt by medical malpractice? Consider obtaining legal help

Recently on the blog we discussed breast cancer and how medical professionals go about diagnosing it. This disease, when caught early, is quite treatable. However, like most cancers, once it hits a later stage it can turn deadly regardless of how aggressively it is treated. This is why it is imperative that medical professionals do everything they can to quickly and accurately diagnose medical conditions. A doctor's failure to diagnose can result in a worsened medical condition or death, leaving either the victim or his or her loved ones with extensive physical, emotional, and financial damages.

How is breast cancer diagnosed?

If you keep an ear tuned to the news then you're probably well aware of the prevalence of cancer. There may be many reasons for this. Some might claim that cancer rates are increasing because of unhealthy life changes. Others, though, may make the suggestion that cancer rates only appear to be increasing because diagnostic measures have advanced significantly, allowing medical professionals to identify cancer in patients that years ago would have been missed. Regardless, the truth remains that this terrible disease is still around and affects many individuals and families. Fighting it can be scary and challenging, but an early diagnosis can make all the difference in one's success rate.

Using vicarious liability to recover medical malpractice damages

Medical malpractice can result in extensive harm. Some victims are left with a worsened medical condition that puts their chances of survival at risk, while others are dealt additional physical pain when they receive improper care. Treating these negligence-caused injuries and illnesses can be costly, especially when you take into account lost wages. A victim of medical malpractice who is unable to work may find themselves struggling to pay not only their new and undeserved medical expenses, but also their mortgage or rent, car payment, and grocery expenses.

Failure to diagnose conditions can lead to lawsuits

Receiving a diagnosis for a serious injury or illness can be very upsetting for patients across New York. However, it can also be the first step in treating the condition and getting on the road to recovery. After all, if you do not know what's wrong, it can be all but impossible to know how to make things right.

We know how to anticipate medical malpractice defenses

Many New Yorkers have false perceptions of litigation. Sure, you have to prove your case by a preponderance of the evidence in a civil case, but merely putting on your case may not be enough. Why? Because aggressive defense attorneys will be doing everything they can to present their side of the story and undermine yours. This is especially true in hospital negligence cases, where numerous expert witnesses may testify, and where the evidence can be complicated for a judge and jury to understand.

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