Injuries at school concern parents

Every parent wants to ensure his or her child's safety. Parents play the primary role in a child's decisions and care, but when a child begins school, parents find themselves having less control. Their child is now in the care of teachers and other adults, and parents can only hope that their child is in safe hands.

A school fight that broke out in New Jersey

Recently, FOX News reported that two 15-year-old girls got into a fight while at school. A teacher restrained one of the girls early in the fight but then allegedly backed off. The fight lasted for two minutes before the teacher decided to call security. The teacher then left the room, and the fight escalated. The girls started to throw punches and even fell on to the desks in the classroom. All the while, classmates' video recorded the entire incident and even cheered the girls on.

The parents of one of the girls involved believed that the teacher should have done more. They state that the teacher should have called security as soon as the fight broke out, instead of waiting. The girl's parents have reported their concerns to the administrators and superintendent and hope that action will be taken against the teacher. The Department of Children and Families investigated the issue but did not find that the teacher was negligent.

Injuries at school

The conduct of the teachers and the administrators at the school is worrisome, even though it may be true that not every injury to a child or teenager can be prevented. However, the lack of safeguards does likely cause an immense concern among parents. While many teachers provide quality care to their students, teachers, administrators and even bus drivers do make mistakes and act negligently, which may put the health and safety of the children at risk.

Duty of care expected from teachers

When a child is injured, negligence is an important factor to assess for personal injury cases. Teachers are expected to exhibit a duty of care while they are watching over children. This means that they must use the same degree of care that a reasonably prudent parent would use. Teachers and school officials can be found negligent for not giving proper supervision, having unsafe playground equipment, making risky decisions, or lacking proper safety procedures.

When a teacher or other school official is found negligent, an injured student is able to receive compensation for the injury. Children can receive compensation for their medical expenses and pain and suffering related to their injury.

To properly protect your rights discuss the matter with an experienced personal injury attorney. These attorneys understand the struggle that the injury presents to the child and are dedicated to holding responsible parties accountable for their actions.