Queens Civic Leader Dies in Auto-Pedestrian Accident

Many mourned the November 15, 2011 passing of Pat Dolan, a Queens Community Board 8 member and community activist. A driver struck Dolan as she was crossing the street on her way to a transportation meeting. Dolan's death highlights the dangers that pedestrians face and the losses that can occur after a car accident. Car accident victims should know that they can recover for many of their injuries.

Dolan's Accident

Dolan was crossing Hillside Ave southbound at 198 th Street when the driver of a Nissan struck her. According to the Times Ledger, police reported that the driver remained at the scene of the accident and that there was "no criminality" on the driver's part. Police did not say whether the driver was speeding, or if Dolan was in the crosswalk or otherwise had the right of way.

Much of Dolan's civic activism involved making Queens safer for those who did not drive. Dolan herself did not drive and took public transportation to her many meetings for the work she did in the community. In her role as director of Queens Connection, Dolan organized senior center transportation and worked for improved public transportation throughout Queens.

Recovery for Injuries

Dolan's death is an example of the ultimate loss that can result from a car accident. Those who lose loved ones in car accidents may bring wrongful death suit in an effort to recover financial losses to survivors that result from the death and for the survivors' pain and suffering.

Those who survive car accidents also face a number of expenses after the event. Victims of car accidents may recover for some of their losses including medical expenses, rehabilitation expenses, lost wages, life-planning expenses and pain and suffering. New York also allows people to recover damages for "fear of your own impending death," the intense fear that results from a person thinking that he or she will die in an accident.

Consult an Attorney

Trying to manage the expenses that occur after being involved in a car accident can be overwhelming. If you have been injured in a car accident, contact an experienced car accident attorney who can help you get proper and just compensation.