Staying safe on a motorcycle in New York

Summer is in full swing now and for many people in New York, that means the two-wheeled fun is well underway. Riding a motorcycle offers a level of enjoyment that cannot be matched in a standard car, truck, SUV or other automobile. However, along with that joy comes an increased risk of serious personal injury or even death in the event of an accident.

How many people die in motorcycle accidents?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration collects and reports various motor vehicle statistics, including information related to motorcycle crashes. Data from 2012 indicate that 14.5 percent of all vehicular deaths in the state of New York were motorcyclists. In Schuyler County specifically, there were two traffic fatalities that year, both of which were motorcyclists.

Is age a factor in motorcycle accidents?

Some people may have the belief that younger people are more reckless and that most accidents happen to this demographic. The data, however, shows that a high number of motorcyclists of all ages can be involved in fatal accidents. In the state of New York for 2012, the age breakdown of motorcycle fatalities is as follows:

  • A total of 10 motorcyclists under the age of 20 died.
  • Deaths among riders in their 20s claimed 54 lives.
  • 35 bikers in their 30s were killed.
  • Another 31 motorcyclists in their 40s died.
  • A total of 27 bikers in their 50s lost their lives.

Additionally, 13 people aged 60 or older died in motorcycle accidents that year. For residents of Schuyler County, three other neighboring counties also experienced motorcycle fatalities. Chemung and Steuben Counties each lost three riders and one motorcyclist died in Yates County.

What laws work to keep motorcyclists safe in New York?

The state of New York takes motorcycle safety seriously. Every rider is required to wear a helmet and eye protection at all times while on a motorcycle. Every bike should be equipped with daytime headlights, functional turn signals and at least one mirror. Additionally, the act of riding between two lanes of traffic frequently called lane splitting is not permitted in New York.

What laws work to limit motorcyclists in New York?

It should also be noted that while every passenger vehicle insurance policy provides no-fault insurance coverage to pay for medical bills and lost wages resulting from an automobile accident, irrespective of fault, that same coverage is not provided for motorcyclists. As a result, even a simple accident can be very costly to the average motorcyclist. This is why you should contact an attorney as soon after the accident as possible.

Accidents still happen

Despite the efforts of the law and safe practices of motorcyclists, accidents can still happen. The lack of protection leaves riders more vulnerable to sustaining injuries when compared to people in vehicles. When an accident is caused by the actions of a vehicle driver, the affected motorcyclist deserves help and compensation. Talking to an attorney is always recommended in these situations for victims or for family members.