Without legal counsel, you could be left short-changed

Representing yourself in a civil injury claim could leave you at a disadvantage and with less money.

At any given time, people in Glen Cove can find themselves the victim of negligence. A distracted driver could hit their car, a careless doctor might misdiagnose their health condition, an aggressive dog on the loose could bite them or a trucking company's failure to properly service a vehicle could leave them struggling with a serious injury. In such cases, it is not uncommon for people to think that they can handle the matter personally, rather than seek out legal counsel. However, this could be a big mistake that leaves them short-handed in receiving the full compensation that they may be entitled to.

Insurance company tactics

It is not uncommon for people to receive a call from the other person or company's insurer within a few days of a claim being submitted. These calls usually are made from adjusters who appear friendly and sympathetic. This is where people without legal counsel can make the grave mistake of saying something that hurts their case, according to MarketWatch. For example, people who have been in a car accident might say that they didn't see the other car approaching their location. This is often the only ammunition that adjusters need to deny the claim.

Additionally, people should not provide any personal information such as their doctor's name, family members or how the accident happened. They should also make sure that the conversation is not being recorded and on no account should they agree to sign a medical release that gives the insurer access to their medical records.

Furthermore, if an insurance company makes a settlement offer, the offer is usually much lower than what a person may be able to receive by having legal representation. An attorney experienced in personal injury matters can compare the victim's full damages against the settlement to determine if it is a fair one. In some cases, the attorney may even be able to negotiate a higher payout that eliminates the necessity of having to go to court.

Court procedures are complex

The United States District Court for the Southern District of New York has put out a manual on what people need to know if they are planning to represent themselves in a civil matter. The court recommends however, that people seriously consider seeking legal help because the procedures required by the system can be intimidating and complex. In matters concerning damages for injuries, people will need to make sure that the right documents are filed on time and in the correct manner.

Additionally, there are multiple legal options that people have available to them, and the court is not allowed to provide advice on what action they should take. This is where having an attorney comes in as an advantage, since the attorney has been specifically trained in how the system works and understands the full litigation process. People who attempt to be their own legal counsel could find themselves overwhelmed by the system and are at a higher risk of losing their case and therefore, their claim to compensation from the other party.

An unexpected injury can leave you with many challenges. Therefore, you may find it helpful to discuss your situation with an injury attorney at Chiariello & Chiariello.