When Dangerous Roads Cause Accidents

Design Defects On Roadways, Highways And Intersections

Car accidents are not always caused by a driver's mistakes. In some cases, defective or dangerous roads can cause or contribute to accidents that result in serious injury or wrongful death.

We Look At Auto Accidents From All Angles

The attorneys of Chiariello & Chiariello will leave no stone unturned in the investigation of your case. We will determine whether a defective design or other dangerous road condition led to the accident that injured you. In some cases, we will retain accident reconstructionists, civil engineers and other experts to show how a dangerous condition could have and should have been prevented.

Our lawyers will review the police report and investigate the scene of the accident. We may find dangerous conditions such as:

  • Lack of guard rails
  • Lack of stop signs or stop lights
  • Inadequate vehicle barriers (including safety posts, called bollards)
  • Bad roadway design resulting in poor drainage or obstructed site lines
  • Lack of roadway markings
  • Confusing roadway markings at highway construction sites

Do not assume you were at fault if you were injured in a single car accident. Our investigation may reveal highway or dangerous road defects caused the accident.

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