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Timing is everything for someone recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Research has shown that when breast cancer is treated early, the survival rates increase dramatically. When doctors fail to recognize the early signs of cancer, the results can be life-threatening.

A failure to diagnose breast cancer early on can allow the cancer to spread and become stronger. If valuable time has been lost because of a medical mistake, obtain experienced legal counsel. For more than 50 years, Chiariello & Chiariello has advocated for medical malpractice accident victims in New York City. We are committed to helping you assert your legal rights in pursuit of a full financial recovery.

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Early detection of breast cancer can decrease fatality rates. If you were misdiagnosed or your delayed diagnosis has affected your treatment plan, entrust our law firm to protect your legal rights. Our Queens medical negligence attorneys have the skills and legal resources to hold radiologists, doctors, nurses and family practitioners accountable for:

Our law firm has extensive experience handling misdiagnosis of cancer claims. We are committed to holding medical professionals accountable for their negligent actions. Our legal team consults medical experts to help us conduct a thorough investigation. We can work with them to review your medical records and determine if any standard medical procedures were overlooked at your expense.

We have a clear understanding of the medical standards doctors and nurses are expected to follow. If your treatment plan has been accelerated because of medical malpractice, obtain experienced legal counsel. We will fight to help you obtain a full financial recovery for any past and future medical expenses, rehabilitative care, lost wages and pain and suffering. No amount of compensation can change the pain you have endured. But, we want you to focus on your recovery without worrying about how your medical bills will be covered.

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Your life may have been forever changed because of a medical professional's negligent actions. If you believe your loved one's life was cut short after a doctor misdiagnosed his or her breast cancer, you have legal rights. We are committed to helping you asserting those rights.

Our law firm has extensive experience helping families with fatal accident claims obtain a full financial recovery. No amount of compensation can change the pain you have suffered. We believe during this sensitive time you should not be left to worrying about how expenses associated with the fatal accident will be covered. We are committed to helping your family recover compensation for any funeral expenses, medical-related bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. We want you to be able to mourn the loss of your loved one without financial concerns keeping you up at night.

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If you or your loved one was the victim of a breast cancer misdiagnosis, contact our law firm today. We offer free initial consultations at two convenient locations in Forest Hills and Glen Cove, New York. All of our medical malpractice claims are handled on a contingency basis. This means you will owe us nothing, unless we recover compensation for you.