Robotic Surgery Errors

Once thought of as something for the far-off future or only found in sci-fi stories, robotically assisted surgeries debuted in the 1980s and are now a common fixture of the medical landscape.

Robotic surgery techniques have been a godsend for many surgeons, allowing them more precise control when making incisions and alleviating physical stress and fatigue. Unfortunately, they are not without their problems and can result in complications and injuries for surgical patients.

At Chiariello & Chiariello in Forest Hills, New York, we are on top of this issue in the medical community and have worked to help clients recover after suffering injuries at the hands of robotic surgery. If you or a loved one has been harmed by a surgical error involving a da Vinci Robot or similar system, it will cost you nothing to learn how we can help. Contact us anytime for a free consultation.

Potential Problems From Robotic Surgery

Like any other surgical technique, there are potential issues with robotic surgery. These include:

  • Injuries caused by the robot failing to release its grip on tissue
  • Faulty surgical tips causing burns, abrasions and other internal injuries
  • Complications during hysterectomies due to improper suture of the vaginal cuff
  • Infections caused by improper cleaning of the robotic instruments

Depending on whether an issue is specific to the robotic equipment (faulty tips) or the hospital (lack of cleanliness), an injury victim could have a personal injury claim against the manufacturer of the surgical device, the doctor and staff that performed and supervised the surgery, or the hospital where the procedure took place.

We excel in resolving these complex medical malpractice claims in favor of our clients in Forest Hills, Glen Cove and the surrounding areas of New York. If you have been injured or lost a loved one as a result of robotic surgery complications, you can rely on us to manage your legal claim and maximize your compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost earnings or wrongful death. Request your free consultation anytime to learn more.