Help With Cases Involving Broken Bones

Meeting The Serious-Injury Threshold After A Car Accident

A broken bone may not seem significant to some people. Legally, however, bone fractures are classified as serious injuries. To bring a personal injury lawsuit and collect compensation for damages arising out of a car crash, a person must have suffered serious injuries such as bone fractures, significant scarring and disfigurement, or a permanent injury.

The attorneys of Chiariello & Chiariello have more than 50 years of experience representing clients who have suffered broken bones because of the negligence of others. Whether you broke your leg in a car accident, broke an arm in a fall on a sidewalk, or broke a wrist in a nursing home fall, it is important to discuss your case with an attorney you can trust.

Assessing The Damages

The seriousness of your injury is one of the elements we consider when evaluating whether you have a potential personal injury claim. If you fractured your pelvis in a fall from a scaffold, for example, you would be able to pursue compensation. If you fell from the same scaffold, but only suffered bruises, you probably would not have a case.

Our law firm has obtained compensation for clients who have suffered broken bones in car accidents, slip and fall accidents, workplace accidents, hospitals and nursing homes and more. Fractures can be extremely painful and sometimes require surgery. When bones are shattered, orthopedic surgeons may need to implant a plate and screws to repair the damage.

Permanent Impairment

Serious fractures, like skull fractures, fractured vertebrae and shattered leg bones, can be extremely painful and debilitating. Despite the best medical and rehabilitative care, you may be left with a permanent impairment. Our lawyers will pursue compensation for the full extent of the accident-related damages.

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