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Young man loses life in car crash in New York

There are many distractions that people in New York have to work through each day. These distractions may be at work, at home, while people are driving and in others parts of the day. These distractions can have a detrimental effect any aspect of one's life, but can be especially dangerous when people are driving. When people are not paying attention to the road, they may not see another car change lanes or break abruptly. They may also miss seeing stop signs and other traffic control devices and may cause a car accident.

Recently an 18-year-old was killed in an accident after another vehicle may have ran stop sign. The young man's vehicle was struck on the side while travelling through an intersection in Queens. According to the authorities, the force of the crash caused the two vehicles to strike two other parked vehicles. Neighbors who saw the accident occur, rushed to the man and tried to save his life, but ultimately their efforts were unsuccessful, and the man died. Neighbors stated that it is a dangerous intersection and there are many accidents there. Police are investigating to determine if the driver who survived ran a stop sign.

Statute of limitations for filing a claim under Labor Law 240

There are many safety measures in place at construction sites in New York. These safety measures are imperative to keep the workers safe while working in some very dangerous situations. While there is some risk whenever someone is working at a construction site, certain activities are more dangerous than others. One of these areas is when workers are working at high heights on scaffolding or other equipment.

These situations tend to be more dangerous, because if a mistake occurs or the proper safety measures are not in place, the workers can fall great distances in construction accidents. These falls often times result in severe injuries or even death in certain circumstances. That is why there is Labor Law Sec. 240 in New York. This law gives workers protections and infers liability onto the contractor for any fall that occurs when the proper safety requirements are not followed.

Study highlights importance of proper child safety restraint use

Children dying in car crashes are horrible events that no family should ever have to deal with. There are many different factors that come into the picture for these accidents. One of these is the location of the crash. The northeastern portion of the United States has the lowest rate of child deaths from car crashes and the southern area has the highest rate.

A recent study regarding deaths of children who were under 15 years old shows some very interesting points. The study, conducted by Harvard and UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers, looked at child deaths from 2010 to 2014. Here are some interesting findings:

Pursuing damages after a car accident with an uninsured motorist

No one in New York wants to get into a car crash. However, if they do get into one, they would at least want to ensure that they do not need to pay for the damages, especially if the accident was not their fault. To help ensure this happens, New York law requires that all drivers have car insurance with minimum limits to cover both damage to the vehicles and injuries to the occupants of those vehicles.

If the driver who caused the car accident follows the law and has insurance, it may take some time, but eventually the driver's insurance company should pay the victim for their client's actions. However, not all drivers follow the law and some drivers do not have insurance or their insurance policy does not cover all the damages the victim suffered. If a driver without insurance causes an accident, it can be much more difficult for the victim to collect damages from that driver.

Common catastrophic injuries that can lead to lost income

People in New York need money in order to provide for themselves and their families. That is why it is so important for people to have secure jobs they can count on. Having the job is important, but it is also important that people are healthy enough to work their jobs. If the person is injured or too ill to work, it can be very costly for them and their families.

People can suffer injuries at any job, but some professions tend to be more dangerous than others. One of these professions is construction. People in the construction industry work at high heights with physical demands that are not present at other jobs. Also, people use and are around heavy machinery, and when construction accidents occur, they can cause catastrophic injuries. Due to the severity of these injuries people may be unable to work for long periods of time while they rehabilitate. In some situations they may never be able to work again.

Common reasons for medical malpractice claims

People see doctors every day in New York. Sometimes it is for routine check-ups, because they have the flu or another common illnesses or because of minor injuries that need medical treatment. However, others go to the doctor for much more serious matters such as major surgeries or medical procedures, such as chemotherapy, to treat chronic or life-threatening illnesses. Most times these surgeries and medical procedures are as successful as they can be, but there are always things that can go wrong.

This is due in part to the fact that these medical procedures and surgeries are performed by doctors and other medical professionals who are human and make mistakes. When they do, the patient's condition can become even worse than it originally was. This can be both devastating and costly for the victim.

Be mindful of your rights after a commercial truck accident

It won't be much longer before the holiday season is in full swing, accelerating into Thanksgiving and right through the new year. With this, of course, comes the confluence of more challenging weather and increased traffic congestion. This congestion owes in part to the increase in holiday travel, and to the increase in freight transport at the end of the year.

The last several months of the year in the Northeast mean unpredictable winter weather, more cars on the roads and more large trucks attempting to share these same roads, while everyone is in a little extra hurry to get wherever they are going.

Drunk driving can cause motor vehicle accidents

There are many car crashes every day in New York. There are many things that can distract drivers such as phones, navigation, things occurring outside of the vehicle, other passengers in the vehicle and others. With all the vehicles on the roads, it does not take a huge mistake from a driver to cause a car accident, and that is why it is so important for drivers to pay attention to the road and obey the traffic laws.

One of the more dangerous things that drivers can do is to drink alcohol prior to driving. People know that it is illegal and can be dangerous, but they may not exactly know how dangerous it can be.

Bronx man forgotten about at hospital dies from injury

People in New York are hurt every day or suffer from various illnesses. These people do not always rush to the hospital to receive care, but when they do there is an expectation that they will receive the proper care. They expect the medical professionals at the hospital will conduct the correct tests and make the correct diagnosis to treat the problem. Sometimes the injury may be at a point where nothing can be done, but people expect the medical professionals to do their best.

While sometimes medical professionals may make mistakes while caring for a patient, people, at the very least expect the medical personnel to remember that they have a patient. Unfortunately for one man and his family, a hospital lost track of a patient after an initial screening and the man ended up slipping into a coma in the hospital with no one noticing.

Certain engines in trucks recalled due to fuel pump issues

There are thousands of variables that can contribute to a serious car accident. Sometimes, there's inclement weather that makes driving more difficult. Other times, issues with infrastructure, like stop lights, can lead to traffic collisions. One driver choosing to get behind the wheel while intoxicated, exhausted or distracted could also contribute. A somewhat common but often overlooked contributing cause to crashes is mechanical failure.

Most people assume that their vehicles are in good working order, provided that they perform regular maintenance on them and address any issues when they arise. Sometimes, however, the manufacturer of the vehicle or one of its components fails to perform adequate safety testing. This can result in sudden component failure in various parts of vehicles, which can lead to serious collisions, property damage and injuries.

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