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Are you driving one of the most dangerous cars in America?

If you are like most people who drive in New York, you probably make it a point to take care of your car and be sure it receives all required maintenance. However, are you as concerned about its safety rating as you are about its performance? Furthermore, does your car fall on the list of America's deadliest?

There are various ways that research institutes measure vehicle safety. One way is to analyze the driver mortality rates of each type and class of vehicle. This probably does not come as a shock, but smaller cars tend to have the highest fatality rates.

Can an apology avert litigation?

Imagine the horror if you went into the hospital for a routine medical procedure ... and left there a quadriplegic due to a surgical error. That was the reality for one retired policeman from Baltimore.

But then something out of the ordinary happened. Instead of dodging responsibility and stonewalling the patient, his surgeon instead sat down with him and detailed exactly what went wrong with the surgery. Then, perhaps even more astonishing, the doctor apologized to his patient for his mistake.

Many commercial trucks on the road may have bad brakes

Taking good care of your vehicle is part of being a responsible driver. When it comes to safety on the road, the braking system is one of the most important. It allows drivers to slow or stop moving vehicles to prevent collisions. Properly maintaining the brakes is vital, especially when the weather is bad and results in slick road conditions.

Teenage brains are wired for risky business

Anyone who has spent time around teens is aware that their decision-making skills can sometimes be called into question. But while that can be both frustrating and dangerous, teens' risk-taking tendencies actually have a biological basis.

Researchers studied over 5,000 teenagers and young adults all over the world in 11 different countries on five continents — Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa. They published their findings in Developmental Science.

Are millennial drivers a hazard to your health?

Senior citizens often bear the brunt of criticisms about dangerous driving behaviors. But while some seniors certainly are a driving risk, much criticism can be leveled against the  youngest drivers, as well.

It turns out that it's not just "Get off my lawn!" types who blame bad driving on millennials. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, 88 percent of motorists age 19-24 self-admitted to doing one or more of the following while behind the wheel:

  • Speeding
  • Failing to stop at red lights
  • Texting while driving

How is negligence established in medical malpractice cases?

As knowledgeable as they are, as experienced as they are and as compassionate as they are, medical professionals are human after all and are subjected to the same pressures as everyone else. Stress, lack of sleep or distractions may cause them to make mistakes, only a doctor's error could result in either seriously injuring or killing someone.

Ignoring standard procedures could be one cause of medical negligence. In fact, a medical malpractice claim proceeds under the assumption that negligence has taken place. New York residents who pursue such claims have to establish negligence by proving a number of elements.

Drunk driver of construction crane creates destruction

The bigger the vehicle that causes a traffic accident, the more the destruction left behind in its wake. People often see truck accidents and the devastation they cause but a recent accident involving a crane may prove to be more damaging than one involving an 18-wheeler.

According to police officials, a drunk driver was driving a construction crane in New York recently and ended up leaving a trail of destruction nine miles long behind him. The 43-yearold drunk driver was driving erratically and hit four vehicles and drove off when the police gave chase. Apparently, the driver did not stop when asked to-officers had to corner the crane on the shoulder of the road and then jump into the compartment to get him to come to a halt.

Safety on a construction site can't be taken for granted

When it comes to working in construction, there is nothing that needs to be taken more seriously than your safety. The construction industry is extremely dangerous, and people know it. Fortunately, employers have a great deal of resources to help people, like yourself, make fewer mistakes and stay safer on the job.

Construction accidents are fairly common in the United States, but they are avoidable with the right education. With these five safety tips, it's easier to stay safe regardless of what you're doing on the job. Here are a few things to keep in mind the next time you're working.

Recover compensation after accident

Everyone deserves to earn their living in a safe working environment, whether their workspace is an office or a construction site. It is an employer's duty to ensure this, by either removing potential safety hazards or training employees on how to deal with safety hazards. When this duty is breached and an employee is injured in a construction accident that results in catastrophic injuries, they find themselves struggling to make ends meet and cover their medical expenses at the time when finances are often the tightest.

Injuries such as these have a devastating impact on one's life. Depending on the type of injury incurred, the accident victim might be out of a job for a couple of months or even permanently, while the hospital bills pile up. What many workers who have been injured by a fall from an elevated height don't realize is that they are protected by law in New York, as discussed in last week's post.

Working around potential defenses to Labor Law 240

There are many dangerous activities in New York, but these can usually be carried out safely when using the proper equipment. People go skydiving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, and engage in other potentially dangerous recreational activities. These types of activities are optional, but there are many construction workers who face many hazard simply doing their jobs on a daily basis. However, just like those who engage dangerous activities for fun, construction workers can oftentimes perform their job duties in a safe fashion when using the proper equipment.

There are times, though, when the proper precautions are not taken, thereby resulting in construction accidents. Construction workers can suffer severe injuries in these accidents, leading to the need for extensive medical treatment. Such injuries can also prevent an individual from being able to work and earn an income. Compensation may be available to victims of workplace accidents, though, under Labor Law 240 and similar laws, which can be very beneficial.

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