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August 2012 Archives

Budget difficulties impact New York nursing homes

Just because many believe that the recession is over doesn't mean there aren't lasting effects from the struggling economy. The financial strain is starting to show in services and programs provided by local governments. When care facilities face a tight budget, there may be concern for an increase in nursing home negligence due to a lack of resources. But hopefully nursing home facilities will consider other options before letting the standard of care slip.

Residents generally don't increase risk of surgical mistakes

Many New York patients are probably aware that there are risks associated with surgery. When it comes to surgical errors, most of us are concerned with the adequacy of care provided by the surgeon and the hospital. But what happens to that risk when a resident performs or assists in the surgery? Does someone "in training" increase the risk of a surgical mistake happening?

Take precautions to avoid medication errors

The dangers of certain drug interactions have always been a major concern for those in the health care industry. But with the ever increasing senior population, and corresponding increasing use of prescription drugs, health care workers are starting to take note of the rising number of illnesses and fatalities caused by medication errors.

Open discussions may be the key to limiting medical mistakes

Doctors take an oath to do no harm. They dedicate their lives to healing patients and caring for the sick, but doctors are human and they make mistakes too. Unfortunately, doctor error means unnecessary injuries and suffering for patients in New York and beyond.

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