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February 2014 Archives

Study: Reducing nursing staff increases risk of hospital injuries

If you have ever spent more than a day or two in a hospital, then you probably understand that nurses tend to provide most of the hands-on care for patients. In other words, much responsibility is placed on nurses to handle both menial and urgent tasks that can have a significant effect on a patient's health.

Falls are new leading cause of spinal cord injuries in U.S.

For many years, car accidents have been the primary cause of spinal cord injuries among adults of all ages in New York and throughout the United States. According to a new study, however, that is no longer the case. Now, slip and fall accidents are responsible for the largest percentage of spinal cord injuries in the U.S., with elderly people experiencing the most significant increase in these injuries.

Surgeon accused of leaving surgery early to attend luncheon

Many medical and surgical errors happen unintentionally, caused by some minor oversight or procedural misstep. This doesn't make them excusable, of course, but knowing that simple human error is to blame might make it easier for the victims of medical malpractice and their families to overcome the emotional trauma it can cause. So what happens when a medical error is the product of blatant negligence, recklessness or even purposeful intention? How do the injured and their loved ones overcome that knowledge?

New York nursing home accused of neglect

The operators of a New York nursing home are facing multiple criminal and civil charges in connection to the alleged systemic neglect of facility residents. Nine employees were also charged with nursing home neglect, which allegedly resulted in the death of at least one resident.

Young mother left with brain damage after cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery may be commonplace in New York, but it's still surgery, with all the risks that come with going under the knife. When general anesthetic is involved, the risks are particularly high.

Labor error leads to cerebral palsy, $33 million award

Most New York women give birth to healthy babies. However, mistakes sometimes occur during the labor and delivery process that cause harm to the baby or mother. A labor error caused a girl to be born with cerebral palsy. Her parents filed a medical malpractice lawsuit and they recently were awarded $32.8 million by a jury.

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