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May 2014 Archives

NY nursing home watchdog program is underfunded, ineffective

Under the federal Older American Act, every U.S. state is required to establish and maintain a long-term care ombudsman program to act as a watchdog for nursing homes in that state, taking and investigating complaints from residents and families and reporting their findings to the state Health Department. The programs are paid for with a combination of state and federal funds.

Patient dies during dental procedure

Although this case did not take place in New York, we felt that many of our Queens readers may find it interesting because of the field of medicine in which it took place: dentistry. Dental malpractice cases are not as widely reported on as medical malpractice, but it is important to remember that serious harm and even death can occur when dentists and other dental professionals act negligently.

Does a forced C-section constitute medical malpractice?

Recently, a woman filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a New York hospital and several of its doctors, alleging that she was forced to undergo a cesarean section against her will. This case is just one example of the ongoing national debate over C-sections and the rights of pregnant women during labor and delivery.

Loose tires cause accidents, injuries, deaths

When you're traveling down the freeway at 70 miles per hour, even the smallest piece of debris can become life-threatening. So what happens when a tire comes loose from another vehicle and flies at your windshield? It's easy to see how that could cause serious injury or death.

The many causes of newborn brain injuries

A report is shedding new light on brain injuries in newborn babies, and changing the prevailing and longstanding belief about how those injuries occur. Although oxygen deprivation during labor and delivery does cause brain damage in newborns, it is not the primary cause, as has long been believed. Rather, other prenatal and maternal factors were found to be responsible for a significant majority of cerebral palsy and other brain injuries.

Injuries from car crashes might not become apparent for a while

The immediate aftermath of a car accident is chaotic. Any New Yorker who has been involved in a motor vehicle crash knows that the scene after an accident can be somewhat surreal. After making sure you and your passengers are alright, you're faced with a new reality: your car, a vehicle you may have had for a long time, may be ruined; you have to exchange insurance information with someone who might be just as upset as you; and you might have to give a statement to police, which can be an unnerving prospect, even if you've done nothing wrong.

Liability for car accidents involving self-driving vehicles

Over the past few years, the media has been buzzing about self-driving vehicles. Google is currently testing a self-driving model, as are several auto manufacturers. There is great potential in a vision of the future that includes self-directed vehicles. The hope is that fewer car accidents will occur when human error no longer becomes a factor in driving. In addition, many experts hope that these vehicles will help to reduce gridlock and will improve traffic conditions because they will be more predictable than human motorists.

When women seek to give birth vaginally and doctors refuse

Traditionally, when a woman either opts to have a cesarean section performed or is compelled to have a c-section due to medical necessity, any subsequent children she has are similarly delivered by cesarean section. However, more and more women are insisting on having vaginal births even after they have delivered previously by c-section.

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