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June 2014 Archives

Woman sues hospital after surgical sponge left in abdomen

New York residents may be interested in a medical malpractice suit recently filed by a California woman who discovered that years of painful symptoms were caused by a sponge left in her abdomen from a 2007 surgery. She is suing Simi Valley Hospital in Ventura County and the doctors and radiologist involved in previous check-ups for undisclosed damages.

Drug abuse allegations among physicians

Patients facing surgery or other treatment by New York physicians may be concerned with statistics related to drug use by medical professionals. According to studies, approximately 10 percent of physicians currently working deal with personal addiction involving drugs or alcohol. In some cases, surgical errors occur as those performing procedures do so while stoned. In extreme cases, these drug-related errors have resulted in severe spinal cord injuries or death.

Will better insurance coverage lead to more malpractice claims?

It's virtually impossible to pick up a newspaper or turn on a news program without reading something about health care in America. The adoption of the Affordable Care Act has meant that more and more people are gaining health insurance, many for the first time. Estimates are that at least 22 million Americans will get access to health insurance in the next several years.

ER doctor sees patient care from the other side after accident

Many people who seek treatment at a hospital's emergency room are overwhelmed by what's going on. Aside from having an acute illness or injury that compelled them to go in for treatment in the first place, they may not be in a good frame of mind to ask all the questions of their doctors and nurses that they should in the chaos of the situation. This could include a pain in a part of the body that hasn't been addressed due to time shortages or other factors.

Bad medical test results can cause all kinds of problems

Waiting to receive medical test results can be nerve-racking. Waiting for a call from the doctor's office can inspire all kinds of feelings of dread, with relief when a test turns out to reveal nothing worth worrying about. Sometimes, however, the results mean that cancer is present or that surgery might be required. These are very serious consequences, of course -- consequences that were serious enough to be ruled in or out based on the results of the tests.

Safety check of New York trucks lead to wide-ranging violations

Many New Yorkers might take it for granted that tractor-trailers on our state's highways are safe and secure. After all, would a commercial vehicle be on the road if it had a major safety issue? Unfortunately, the answer is often yes. Trucking companies and drivers frequently feel under pressure to move loads around and might cut corners on safety -- conditions that could lead to an auto accident.

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