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Causes of facial palsy in New York babies

Babies who are born during long or hard labors may suffer from a condition known as facial nerve palsy. This results in the loss of voluntary movement of the baby's facial muscles. While there is no way to determine the cause of most facial palsy cases, there are several factors that could increase the risk of the injury.

Risk factors may include the size of the baby as well as whether an epidural was used during the pregnancy. If forceps were used or drugs were given to induce pregnancy, it could increase the risk of a baby suffering from a facial palsy. A doctor may be able to determine if the baby has facial palsy simply by looking at the child. Typically, the baby will not be able to open its eyelid on the side affected by the palsy.

The side of the face that is affected may not close all of the way or may look uneven when a baby is crying. In many cases, the problem will go away on its own in several months. However, the child may need therapy to help the condition. In some babies, the condition will not go away, which could lead to permanent paralysis of the facial muscles.

If a baby suffers a birth injury at the hands of negligent medical staff, the parents of the child may take legal action against the doctor or hospital where the baby was born. With the help of a medical malpractice attorney, it might be possible to retrieve compensation for medical bills and other long-term care costs for the child. Additionally, it may be possible to win punitive damages to compensate for the errors made by the staff that delivered the child or of the hospital where the baby was delivered.

Source: MedlinePlus, "Facial nerve palsy due to birth trauma", November 25, 2014

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