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Whiplash is probable after a car accident

People from the New York area who are experiencing dull and aching neck pain, equilibrium problems, dizziness, difficulty concentrating or headaches after being in a car accident may have whiplash. While whiplash can occur after any type of fall or injury, it occurs the most frequently in a car wreck because of the sudden back and forth jolting of the neck. The symptoms of this medical condition may be less moderate at first, but without proper medical attention, they might become more severe with time.

It is possible for lasting symptoms to develop as well if the individual does not consult with a physician. A whiplash injury can cause vertebra to become fractured and, in some cases, dislocated. A medical professional who specializes in neck or back injuries could help to identify the extent of damage a whiplash injury has caused.

One of the primary reasons this type of injury can cause additional problems later on is that a person who has been injured in a car wreck may not even feel any symptoms of pain soon afterwards. Often, a rush of adrenaline makes it difficult to distinguish if the person has been injured, and the symptoms may not even appear until days later. Not seeking a physician's opinion after being in a collision might be the worst thing an individual could do.

A car accident can cause many different types of injuries, and in many cases, an individual could require ongoing medical treatment in order to fully recover. This could delay the person's ability to return to work, resulting in financial difficulties. The combination of lost wages and large medical bills could be devastating. A personal injury attorney might be able to assist a person who is facing this difficult dilemma.

Source: American Chiropractic Association, "Whiplash," accessed on Jan. 17, 2015

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