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Driving with worn tires on New York roadways

Tires are something that few people worry about unless they are close to being bald, but according to tests conducted by Consumer Reports, tires may have lost their ability to grip the road before the manufacturer's guidelines require replacement. New tires have grooves that are about 10/32 of an inch deep, and most tire companies recommend replacement when they are worn down to 2/32 of an inch deep.

When Consumer Reports tested sets of tires that were new and compared them to ones that were half worn, it discovered that the newer tires performed measurably better in inclement weather. Based on the results, researchers said that people living in areas with frequent snow or rain may want to replace their tires when grooves reach 4/32 of an inch deep instead of at 2/32.

It was discovered that the half worn tires were not as effective at gripping the road for starting or stopping on wet or icy roads. Worn tires had 15 percent less traction, and hydroplaning began at three or four miles an hour slower than with new tires. Additionally, stops on wet roads took several feet longer with the half worn tires.

When people are involved in a car accident, it is likely that they will have a variety of expenses. These often include medical bills, vehicle repairs and the cost of car rentals. Whether the victim is seeking compensation for these costs from an insurance company or the driver responsible for the crash, a lawyer who has experience in personal injury matters may be able to assist by helping to determine the remedies that may be available.

Source: Consumer Reports, "How safe are worn tires?", accessed on Feb. 14, 2015

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