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Wet weather driving tips to improve safety

New York residents may see spring rainfall as a sign that winter is finally over and better weather is on the way, but the roads may still be treacherous even after the snow and ice has melted. According to the AAA, wet weather causes 1.2 million accidents on the nation's roads each year, and many of these collisions could be avoided if drivers lowered their speeds and observed some basic safety protocols.

Maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front is an important part of road safety habit regardless of prevailing weather conditions, but many drivers do not appreciate that their car or truck will require far more road to stop in the rain. Doubling the normal distance could dramatically reduce the number of wet weather car accidents, and drivers who maintain safe distances are less likely to hydroplane or skid because of sudden braking.

Drivers who do find themselves in a skid should remain calm. Sudden steering or applying the brakes in panic can make matters worse, but releasing the accelerator and maintaining course will usually result in a safe outcome. Tires should be inflated to the manufacturer's recommended level, and tread depth should be checked on a regular basis. New York drivers are probably familiar with the potholes that are often uncovered when the winter snows melt, and they can reduce their likelihood of being involved in a collision by traveling over uneven road surfaces with great care and braking only when necessary.

When bringing a car accident lawsuit against a reckless driver, a personal injury attorney may scrutinize road and weather conditions to identify negligent behavior. Motorists are expected to operate their vehicles in a safe manner and remain vigilant at all times, and they may be required to pay damages when this duty of care is not met.

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