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Brief distractions can be dangerous for drivers

Most New York motorists know that distracted driving claims the lives of thousands of road users every year, but they may be surprised to learn how even the most minor of distractions can make an accident more likely. Researchers from Liberty Mutual investigated how brief glances away from the road ahead, such as those taken when looking at a navigation screen or a cellphone, impacted road safety, and they discovered that glancing away from the road for as little as two seconds could increase the chances of a crash.

The researchers used eye tracking equipment to gauge the reactions of experienced drivers in a simulator, and they found that they required several moments to readjust to the task of driving after even the briefest of distractions. The researchers said that drivers who looked away from the road as a dangerous situation was developing were at the greatest risk of being involved in an auto accident.

Another observation made by the researchers was that drivers were rarely aware of how these brief distractions impacted their driving. Participants were asked to rate their driving performance after leaving the simulator, and they gave themselves an average grade of 70 out of 100. The researchers concluded that more work needs to be done in this area, but they stressed the importance of more education about the dangers of distracted driving.

A person who has been injured in an accident that was caused by a distracted or otherwise negligent driver may find it advisable to speak with an attorney in order to determine the remedies that may be available. A successful personal injury lawsuit could result in the recovery of damages that could include the costs of required medical care and treatment.

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