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September 2015 Archives

The importance of proper diagnosis in New York

According to a study done in 2013, doctors believed that the misdiagnosis rate for cancer was between zero and 10 percent. However, a 2014 study published in a peer-reviewed health care journal found that the number was actually 28 percent. Errors were most prevalent in cases involving breast or lung cancer. Providing patients with the proper diagnosis and treatment plan is especially important because it doubled the likelihood of survival in a survey of 10,000 British patients.

Better interpersonal skills among surgeons promote patient safety

Surgeons in New York may now have a new resource for improving their professional conduct and patients outcomes. "Enhancing Surgical Performance: A Primer in Non-Technical Skills", styled as a handbook for surgeons, was written by researchers from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. They developed protocols for clinicians in operating rooms meant to enhance their non-technical skills, which include decision making, teamwork, communication and situational awareness.

Drivers' convictions overturned in General Motors recall

A man is seeking to have a conviction overturned for a 2006 accident in New York in which he served six months in jail for negligent homicide. The man is one of several who was charged in accidents that later appear to have been caused by a faulty ignition switch in General Motors vehicles. After learning about the incident, General Motors waited about a decade to issue a recall. The man has since received a settlement from the company.

Symptoms that may not show up for hours after accidents

In many New York car accidents, people may not realize that they have been injured for hours or days afterwards. Due to the adrenaline people experience after an accident, some types of symptoms may be delayed. It is thus important that people get checked out by their doctors have they have had an accident, even if they do not initially believe they were injured.

Misdiagnosis may lead to patient harm

As many New York residents know, many patients are injured or subjected to improper treatment yearly from medical errors that range from prescribing the wrong medication to wrong-site surgery. One medical liability insurance company found that in a three-year period, 313 claims were due to diagnostic error out of the 2,000 that were reviewed. It resulted in a cost to the company of $47.2 million in payouts and investigation expenses.

New York pedestrian hybrid beacons and crosswalk safety

A pedestrian hybrid beacon device known as the High Intensity Activated CrossWalK may help protect New York pedestrians at crossings. The warning device uses two red lenses and one yellow lens to signal when it is safe for pedestrians to walk across major roadways. The beacon displays alternating red lights to drivers, warning them to stop until pedestrians can finish their crossing cycle.

Study finds surgeons' performances not affected by lack of sleep

New York patients may feel a bit better heading into surgery after an Ontario study found that insufficient sleep did not affect surgeons' performances the following day. The lead author of the study argued that the results indicated that it was not necessary to inform patients that they were sleep-deprived.

The dangers of drivers driving the wrong way on highways

Every year, a number of New Yorkers are injured or killed in accidents caused by drivers who are driving the wrong way on divided highways. These accidents, while infrequent, are much more likely to be fatal than are other types of accidents, leading the National Transportation Safety Board to have a special interest in them.

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