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Symptoms that may not show up for hours after accidents

In many New York car accidents, people may not realize that they have been injured for hours or days afterwards. Due to the adrenaline people experience after an accident, some types of symptoms may be delayed. It is thus important that people get checked out by their doctors have they have had an accident, even if they do not initially believe they were injured.

There are several different types of symptoms that may not show up for several days. These include chronic headaches, which may indicate something more serious, such as a neck or head injury or a blood clot in the brain. Whiplash is another symptom that often doesn't show up for several days. It manifests with neck and shoulder stiffness and pain and can be diagnosed with an MRI.

Back pain that appears after an accident can indicate nerve, ligament, muscle or vertebral damage. Swelling or pain in the abdominal area that evinces may be caused by internal bleeding, which can be life-threatening. Tingling and numbness in the hands may indicate whiplash, as it can damage nerves that radiate down the arms. A person who demonstrates a personality change or difficulty performing other tasks after an accident may have received a traumatic brain injury. Finally, a common symptom that arises for people who have been in accidents is the development of post-traumatic stress disorder

Car crashes can result in hidden injuries, making it extremely important for everyone involved in one to see their doctors. Many injuries may worsen if they are not promptly treated. Getting medical help will also help a personal injury attorney better value a client's case. This can help the attorney determine whether or not a settlement offered by the at-fault driver's insurance company is sufficient to cover all of the client's projected damages.

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