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September 2016 Archives

Imaging challenges in a hernia diagnosis

Abdominal pain could be troubling enough to cause an individual to seek help at a New York emergency room. What can be more troubling, however, is that many such patients do not get proper diagnoses. While issues such as fever or abdominal bulging might indicate certain conditions, the lack of these symptoms might interfere with a diagnosis. In the case of a suspected hernia, imaging might be used to further evaluate a patient. Unfortunately, radiology can also fall short in achieving an appropriate detection.

Causes of cerebral palsy before and during birth

Some New York infants may be born with cerebral palsy. The damage that causes it and leads to abnormal brain development results in a lack of muscle control. In some cases, CP develops because of abnormal development that does not have a clear cause.

Improving PCOS diagnoses for teenage girls

Teenage girls in New York with polycystic ovary syndrome may have access to better diagnoses based on the results of a study that found high levels of testosterone and the hormone irisin in girls suffering with the disease. PCOS has no known cause or cure, but an earlier diagnosis could mean a decease in risks that accompany the disease such as fertility problems and Type 2 diabetes.

Autonomous cars and older New York drivers

The first members of the baby boom generation are turning 70 in 2016, and government data indicates that there will likely be more than 50 million at or over that age around the country by 2050. Older road users are less able to recover from serious car accident injuries, and their chances of being killed in a crash increase as they age. Road safety experts and legislators across the country hope that emerging auto safety technology may drastically cut collision rates in the decades ahead and prevent a sharp increase in the number of elderly car accident victims.

Procedure recommended to prevent wrong-sided blocks

Patients who are scheduled for surgical procedures in New York hospitals may be dismayed to learn that wrong-sided anesthetic blocks still occur and even often go unreported. Even though these medical mistakes are not as severe as other surgical errors, they still can cause complications, and thus preventing them should be a focus.

Misdiagnosing multiple sclerosis

Not all health conditions are easily diagnosed. The difficulty is caused by several factors, including a lack of biomarkers that doctors can test for, as well as symptoms that can mimic other conditions. Unfortunately, a failure to diagnose serious conditions can result in incredible suffering for a New York patient. It can also seriously compromise the integrity and efficacy of a patient's treatment plan.

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