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Causes of cerebral palsy before and during birth

Some New York infants may be born with cerebral palsy. The damage that causes it and leads to abnormal brain development results in a lack of muscle control. In some cases, CP develops because of abnormal development that does not have a clear cause.

Most cases of CP occur during or before birth. These cases, also known as congenital CP, have a number of risk factors. These include low birth rate, multiple births, premature births or the use of assisted reproductive technology. Congenital CP can also be caused by birth complications, medical complications the mother has or infections in pregnancy. Jaundice in a newborn that develops into a condition called kernicterus may also result in CP.

There are a number of steps that mothers and medical professionals can take during pregnancy to help reduce the likelihood of CP. Vaccinations prior to becoming pregnant are important as is the overall health of the mother. If the mother is undergoing fertility treatments, precautions such as transferring only one embryo at a time may help. Good prenatal care and keeping an eye on issues such as the mother's and the baby's blood type can also help with prevention.

A parent whose child develops CP as a result of a birth injury that is the fault of a medical professional or of a problem during pregnancy that goes untreated might want to speak to an attorney about filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. CP may carry high medical expenses, and a successful lawsuit may help compensate for some of those expenses. It will be necessary to demonstrate that the CP was caused because the practitioner or facility did not exercise the requisite standard of care.

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