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What is a never event with regards to negligence?

As the name suggests, a never event is something that should never happen and if it does, it is indicative of a serious underlying issue. With regards to medical practice, a never event refers to a wrong-site, wrong-procedure, wrong- patient error. This means a patient has undergone a surgery intended for someone else, or an incorrect procedure altogether or surgery on the wrong body part.

When New York residents go to the hospital for either a routine procedure or an emergency one, they expect to return from the hospital in a better state than what they went in with. They expect that those operating on them will due their duties with the highest standard of care, not that they might end up removing an organ from the right side instead of the left side or that a procedure intended for someone with a similar last name was performed on them.

According to research if a procedure is performed in the operating room, then such incidents occur once in every 112,000 surgical procedures. However, for those who have become a victim to a surgical error, the odds mean nothing-they may end up with life-threatening medical complications that require medical attention for a long time or that significantly impair the quality of their life.

Additional medical care to deal with the repercussions of a surgical error can be costly and New York residents may not be able to cope financially. They may want to consider filing a medical malpractice claim against the parties responsible for acting negligently and recovering compensation that can cover their medical expenses along with other associated costs.

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