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December 2016 Archives

Prevalence of a car accident due to distraction a growing worry

Driving in New York can be treacherous in any circumstance, but it is even more dangerous when there are drivers who are not paying complete attention to the road. These drivers will frequently use smartphones or indulge in other distractive behaviors and put others at risk. When there is a motor vehicle accident due to a distracted driver, there can be catastrophic injury, a brain injury, a spinal cord injury, and a fatality. Understanding the prevalence of distracted driving can help to avoid a crash, but it cannot prevent it all the time.

Construction worker falls down elevator shaft and dies

For construction workers in New York, it is an inevitable reality that there can be an accident when on a job. Because many construction projects involve working at an elevated height, there are many risks involved with the work. When there is a construction accident at an elevated height, the person who has fallen runs the risk of a serious injury or a fatality. After falls, the person who was injured or the family left behind needs to know how to pursue compensation through a legal filing.

Hit-and-run car accident injures pedestrian high schooler

In New York, weekday mornings can be extremely busy with vast numbers of people and pedestrians on the road as they make their way around. They could be going to school, work or anywhere in between. Because of that, it is important that motorists pay strict attention to their surroundings to avoid being in an accident. Particularly vulnerable to a crash is a person on a bicycle or a pedestrian. With this in mind, when there are pedestrian and bicycle accidents, those who are affected need to understand that there can be significant problems as a result and a legal filing might be the only way to gain compensation for that.

City council to look into dangerous conditions in construction

While construction work can be rewarding and those who do it for a living will state how productive they feel when taking part in a project, there is no doubt that working construction in New York can be dangerous. Considering the potential for dangerous conditions, falls, the need to use heavy tools, a scaffolding or a ladder, it is not unusual for there to be injuries and fatalities in accidents throughout the industry. With that in mind New York legislators are calling for reforms to the manner in which the city approaches worker safety.

Hit-and-run motor vehicle accident injures New York rabbi

In New York, when there is a motor vehicle accident, the expectation is that the driver will stop and see if others who were involved and might have been injured need assistance. It is also necessary for insurance and legal purposes that all drivers stop after a car accident. Unfortunately, there are drivers who choose to flee the scene after a crash. This could be for a variety of reasons. Compounding a hit-and-run incident is when it happens after pedestrian and bicycle accidents. With these types of accidents, the vulnerability of the rider or pedestrian can result in catastrophic injuries and even death. With that in mind, those who have been involved need to know the importance of legal advice.

Are pharmacies checking for drug-drug interactions?

Nearly 70 percent of Americans today take at least one prescription drug and half of all Americans take two. The most commonly prescribed drugs include opioids, antidepressants and antibiotics. You're probably aware of some of the side effects of the drugs you take, and you are sure to inform our doctor if you experience them.

Motorcyclist suffers catastrophic injury and dies in crash

Motorcyclists in New York undoubtedly enjoy the freedom and excitement that comes with being on their bikes on the open roadway. The happiness they feel with the activity does not eliminate the dangers they face when they are riding. Motorcycle riders are notoriously vulnerable if they are in a motor vehicle accident. Without the protection that a person in a car has, there can be catastrophic injury and death in a motorcycle accident. Those who are affected by a motorcycle-car accident or with any other vehicle must be aware of how to move forward with a legal filing to be compensated.

Life threatening medical complications happen during rotations

For people in New York and across the U.S. who have a loved one who is harmed or dies while in the hospital and it is believed to have been due to an error on the part of the staff, there are certain reasons that are often cited for it. A failure to diagnose, surgical errors or basic hospital negligence are frequently viewed as why this occurred. However, there are also issues and circumstances that might initially be considered innocuous but in actuality are found to be linked to fatal mistakes. One such factor is the routine handoff of hospital patients.

construction worker falls from scaffolding and dies

Construction workers in New York understand the dangers they face whenever they go to a job site. There are certain dangers that must be mitigated but will never fully disappear. One such injury that can lead to severe injuries and death is a construction accident at an elevated height. This can have to do with falls or an object being dropped from a higher level and landing on another person. Those who are affected by an accident of this kind need to be aware of their rights to seek compensation through litigation.

Drunk driving crash leaves New York woman with critical injuries

If you drive north of Queens for about an hour and a half, you'll come to Newburgh. That is where New York State Police are investigating a drunk driving accident that left one person in critical condition and three others with injuries.

Legal assistance after anesthesiologist malpractice

For New York patients, being placed under anesthesia can be a frightening experience. There is an inherent trust placed in all medical professionals and in anesthesiologists in particular. Being placed into a situation where one is at the mercy of others is a risk.

Pedestrian and bicycle accidents on the rise in New York

New York City officials recently reported on the number of people killed in traffic accidents so far this year, and the statistics revealed some troubling trends. While the total number of motorists killed in the year through November 20 was the same as recorded for the same period in 2015, the number of pedestrians and bicyclists killed was higher.

Explaining dangers of a motor vehicle accident in a parking lot

As the holiday season moves forward and people are busier and busier in New York and across the country, there is a rising danger of being in a motor vehicle accident. While these accidents often happen on the road, there are also times when people will be in a crash in unusual locations and circumstances. One in particular is in a shopping center parking lot or garage. The National Safety Council has examined this issue and determined that two-thirds of drivers might be distracted while entering these parking areas.

Steel beam falls and leads to fatal construction accident

With the amount of building and maintenance throughout New York, construction workers know they can earn good pay doing this type of work. Even with that, there are still inherent dangers that go along with it. These dangers can lead to catastrophic injuries and even fatalities. Issues such as dangerous conditions and falls are often the reason these accidents occur. For the injured party and his or her family, a legal filing can help with paying for the costs and aftermath of such an incident.

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