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construction worker falls from scaffolding and dies

Construction workers in New York understand the dangers they face whenever they go to a job site. There are certain dangers that must be mitigated but will never fully disappear. One such injury that can lead to severe injuries and death is a construction accident at an elevated height. This can have to do with falls or an object being dropped from a higher level and landing on another person. Those who are affected by an accident of this kind need to be aware of their rights to seek compensation through litigation.

A man working where the refinery for Domino Sugar was once located died after he fell from a scaffolding. The 59-year-old man was working on putting a fa├žade on a housing development when the accident occurred at approximately 8 a.m. The man suffered head injuries, was taken to the hospital and died. The company that is developing the site stated that all work had ceased at the location and an investigation is ongoing to determine what happened. For this year, 11 deaths have occurred at construction sites. As more construction projects have progressed in the city, there have been a greater number of fatalities. In 2015, there were 12 fatalities. That was a rise from eight in 2014. Injuries increased from 237 in 2014 to 472 in 2015.

There are many different reasons why an accident at a high point in a construction site can happen. There can be an issue with a harness, a ladder or a mistake on the part of another worker or the employer. Laws are in place to protect construction workers who are working at an elevated height and provide them with benefits that are given in addition to workers' compensation. With an accident from a high level, there can be serious injuries that will leave the person not just unable to work, but unable to perform rudimentary tasks. He or she will need help, sometimes 24 hours a day, every day. If there is a fatality, the family will be left without a loved one.

In this accident, a man fell from the upper levels of a construction site and died. Although an investigation is being conducted to determine what happened, his family needs to protect themselves and make sure the entire case is examined from top to bottom. For that and assistance in pursuing a legal filing to be compensated, an attorney experienced in construction falls can help.

Source: New York Times, "Worker Dies in Fall at Old Domino Sugar Site in Brooklyn," Eli Rosenberg, Dec. 9, 2016

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