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January 2017 Archives

Law proposed to protect construction workers from falls

New York construction workers are at constant risk for being in an accident that can cause serious injury or death. While there are laws that are designed to protect them, that does not mean they cannot be improved. The rise in the number of fatalities in the construction industry is worrisome and those who work in the building trades along with their representatives are seeking a change to the law that will mandate that the safety practices on construction sites be improved.

Bus and subway accidents a danger for New Yorkers

New York is a commuter city with people needing to ride public transportation to get around. Because of that, there is an inherent trust placed in those who are operating buses and trains. These methods of transport are predominately safe. However, there are sometimes bus and subway accidents that can cause injury and even death. If there is an accident with a public transportation vehicle, those who were involved need to know that they have the right to seek compensation for all they have lost including medical costs, lost wages and more. With a death, the family has a right to pursue litigation.

Nursing home negligence leads to fatality and arrests

When New York families make the difficult decision to place a loved one in a nursing home, there is the expectation that a certain standard of care will be provided. There are also laws that must be adhered to and the resident should receive the attention that he or she requires. Unfortunately, there are times when facilities and its workers face allegations of ignoring standard procedures and it harms the resident. Other cases involve various forms of abuse whether it be physical, emotional, financial or all three. In some of these incidents, the resident will even die. If this happens, the family should be aware of their right to seek compensation through a legal filing.

Limousine construction can be a factor in catastrophic injury

Limousines are a common sight across the New York area and are viewed as part of a celebration, linked with wealth, and are a stylish way to travel. However, there are concerns that safety requirements are not adhered to in their construction when the vehicle is converted from a conventional vehicle into a limousine. This determination was made by a special grand jury that examined a crash that led to four fatalities in July of 2015. These facts must be understood for those who are involved in a motor vehicle accident while in a limousine and suffer catastrophic injury or lose a loved one to a fatality.

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