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Limousine construction can be a factor in catastrophic injury

Limousines are a common sight across the New York area and are viewed as part of a celebration, linked with wealth, and are a stylish way to travel. However, there are concerns that safety requirements are not adhered to in their construction when the vehicle is converted from a conventional vehicle into a limousine. This determination was made by a special grand jury that examined a crash that led to four fatalities in July of 2015. These facts must be understood for those who are involved in a motor vehicle accident while in a limousine and suffer catastrophic injury or lose a loved one to a fatality.

The catalyst for this report was the aforementioned accident as the limousine was leaving a winery with the four women. In that accident, four other women and the driver were injured and hospitalized. It made a U-turn and was hit by a pickup truck. If a limousine is built in a factory, it is necessary for it to meet the safety requirements. When there is a conversion, there are often safety features taken out and the protocols are no longer met.

Some companies have gone so far as to falsify paperwork with the New York Department of Motor Vehicles so they do not have to make the required changes. A vehicle that can carry 11 or more passengers has certain inspections that are needed to follow the law. The vehicle involved in the fatal crash was initially built to be a Lincoln Town Car, but was altered so it could be extended to 10 feet to carry more people. While that accident was deemed to have been the responsibility of the limousine driver and the pickup driver who was arrested for DWI, the actual construction of the vehicle was a significant part of the damage done to those in the vehicle.

The National Transportation Safety Board has stated that it will investigate accidents involving limousines in a case-by-case fashion and there is a movement for the State of New York to have a task force and report it to the NTSB. That has yet to be undertaken. With this information regarding the dangers of a limousine that has been altered rather than having been built for that purpose, those who are involved in an accident while riding in a limousine need to be aware of the possibility that the proper safety requirements are not in place. This can help with a potential legal filing after a car accident. For legal assistance, an attorney should be consulted to consider a case.

Source:, "Panel Calls For Better Safety Regulations Following Deadly Long Island Limo Crash," Dec. 20, 2016

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