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When an Employer Cuts Corners, It Often Results in Construction Accidents

Construction professionals know that workplace safety is critical to their livelihood. Every year, far too many workers across all construction trades suffer serious injuries and accidents that may have been prevented if proper safety precautions had been taken by their employers and other contractors working on the job site. 

While New York City Council members are trying to curb the recent increase in construction accidents with new laws, construction companies currently breaking the law will probably continue, no matter what new regulations are put in place.  

Construction Workers Deserve Proper Safety Precautions

Unfortunately, some companies readily put their workers' safety below turning a profit. 

Cutting corners with safety takes many forms, including hiring untrained and inexperienced people to work on buildings fewer than ten stories tall. It can also mean failing to provide individual safety equipment or provide for improper maintenance on equipment, meaning workers must work with machines and tools that have been improperly installed or repaired. 

According to the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA),  the four most common types of preventable construction accidents include:

  • Falling from unsecured heights
  • Getting struck by falling materials, tools or equipment
  • Electrical burns, electrocution
  • Becoming trapped under or between structures, materials or equipment

In most cases, catastrophic and fatal accidents can be prevented by investing in harnesses, maintenance for machinery and a slower work pace that prioritizes safety and adequate communication among workers. 

An Attorney Will Fight For You After A Construction Accident

After a workplace injury, you want to believe that your employer will do what is right, which likely includes covering any medical expenses and helping you obtain the workers' compensation benefits you are entitled to. 

All too often, however, employers will bend or even break laws to reduce costs and avoid insurance liability. Your employer could deny the accident or file a report that doesn't align with your experience of the incident.

You shouldn't accept an unfair settlement offer from the liable party or the workers' compensation insurance company. In fact, don't ever accept a settlement without first consulting with an experienced workers' compensation and personal injury attorney. Your attorney can help ensure that a settlement offer is fair. He or she can negotiate for a better settlement or can help you investigate into whether a particular construction company has a history of safety violations.

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