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Hospital floors: A major infection hazard?

Infection prevention is incredibly important at hospitals. When a person who is already dealing with a medical issue develops an infection during a hospital stay, their health can suffer greatly. The ramifications of this can stay with a patient for a very long time.

So, one would hope all hospitals would be taking proper steps to address infection risks on their property. When a patient gets sick because a hospital was negligent in relation to infection prevention, legal recourse may be available to the patient. Medical malpractice lawyers can help victims of hospital infections here in New York state look into whether there would be grounds for pursuing legal action over the infection and the harms it caused.

There are many things that could pose infection risks at hospitals. A recent study indicates that the floors in such facilities may pose major hazards on this front.

The study was focused on patient rooms in five different hospitals (the hospitals were all in the Cleveland area). Overall, 159 patient rooms were looked at in the study. As part of the study, cultures were taken of the floors in these rooms to see if any pathogens were present.

The cultures from the floors did reveal pathogens. Among the pathogens found were C. difficile, MRSA and VRE.

So, this suggests that it might not be uncommon for hospital floors to be contaminated. Why does how contaminated hospital floors are matter? Well, while people don't regularly touch hospital floors with their hands, there are many objects in a hospital room that could end up making contact with the floor, including items that people do regularly make contact with. When this happens, such objects could transfer pathogens that were on the floor to the hands of a patient or hospital staff member, thus creating a significant infection transmission risk. The study found that it was relatively common for at least one high-touch object to make contact with the floor in occupied patient rooms.

Do you think hospitals need to be doing more to ensure their floors aren't exposing patients to infection dangers?

Source: UPI, "Study finds hospital floors pose significant health risk,' Amy Wallace, Feb. 28, 2017 

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