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May 2017 Archives

Is your seat belt truly safe?

Seat belt laws have been in effect across the nation for many years. In 2015, seat belts saved the lives of approximately 14,000 people that were involved in car accidents. However, seat belts are not custom made for each driver. In general, car manufacturers install seat belts that can protect the average 40-year-old male. This begs the question, if you do not fit the "average 40-year-old man" mold, is your seat belt truly safe? Can it actually do more harm than good if you are involved in a car accident?

Were you denied benefits for being an independent contractor?

Let's say you show up to work at your construction job every day and work carefully alongside your colleagues - who are painters, carpenters and roofers. It looks like you're all employees together, and the same boss pays your salary. The thing is, you're classified as an "independent contractor," and your coworkers are "employees."

Hurt by medical malpractice? Consider obtaining legal help

Recently on the blog we discussed breast cancer and how medical professionals go about diagnosing it. This disease, when caught early, is quite treatable. However, like most cancers, once it hits a later stage it can turn deadly regardless of how aggressively it is treated. This is why it is imperative that medical professionals do everything they can to quickly and accurately diagnose medical conditions. A doctor's failure to diagnose can result in a worsened medical condition or death, leaving either the victim or his or her loved ones with extensive physical, emotional, and financial damages.

New York worker falls on job, injures leg

Work is something that most of us have to do every day. For some, it can become so routine that it becomes monotonous. For others, their work changes daily, keeping them on their toes, while some work in professions that are inherently dangerous, requiring them to always be on guard. As different as these jobs may sound, they all have something in common: workplace injuries. Regardless of the profession an individual works in, a seemingly minor mistake can result in a workplace accident that has tragic consequences.

Federal regulations seek to stop motor vehicle accidents

Semi-trucks play a vital role in our society. They move goods across the country at a low cost, allowing consumers to have access to affordable goods that they otherwise would not be able to obtain. Yet, these trucks don't come without risk. When improperly maintained or driven, these vehicles of economic growth can become weapons of incredible destruction. Truck accident victims can face serious damages, too, including physical and emotional pain and suffering, medical expenses, and lost wages. When taken together, these losses can leave a victim overwhelmed and in a financial bind.

How is breast cancer diagnosed?

If you keep an ear tuned to the news then you're probably well aware of the prevalence of cancer. There may be many reasons for this. Some might claim that cancer rates are increasing because of unhealthy life changes. Others, though, may make the suggestion that cancer rates only appear to be increasing because diagnostic measures have advanced significantly, allowing medical professionals to identify cancer in patients that years ago would have been missed. Regardless, the truth remains that this terrible disease is still around and affects many individuals and families. Fighting it can be scary and challenging, but an early diagnosis can make all the difference in one's success rate.

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