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Stay safe on your motorcycle during summer months

Summer is in full swing as we cruise into July and beyond, which means that we can expect more traffic on our roadways in and around Glen Cove and Forest Hills. Of course, with greater congestion comes greater likelihood of a automobile accident, especially for motorcycle riders.

If you love to get out and ride on a bright summer day, now is the time to polish up your trim and plot your routes, but keep in mind the risks and the ways that you can keep yourself safe while you ride. It's always an incredible rush to leave it all behind for a while, but you want to make sure that you don't leave it all behind you for good.

Never underestimate another driver's stupidity

Unfortunately, there's not way to protect against the fact that too many people get behind the wheel and never think about how to share the road with motorcycles. While it may not be fair, it is wise to always assume the other cars on the road have no idea you're even there.

Unlike many other parts of the world where motorcycles account for a much larger percent of traffic (or, more commonly, underbones that still count as motorcycles, more or less), the United States is dominated by cars, trucks and SUVs. Unfortunately, most drivers never put much thought on how to share the road with motorcycles, and consequently make sharing the road more dangerous for everyone.

This is especially true when it comes to other drivers' blind spots. While it may feel like a personal affront to your dignity to be the one paying attention to another driver's obliviousness to their own blind spot, it's an affront that may just save your life or keep you from serious injury.

Herein, of course, lies one of the great injustices of riding -- you must account for others' foolishness and self-involvement to keep yourself alive.

Protect yourself by defiantly playing it safe

In an age when turn signals seem to be optional and parking in a single parking space is a novel concept, there are few courses of action more revolutionary than actually abiding by traffic laws and availing yourself of proper protective gear.

While the debate may always rage over whether you should have to wear a helmet to ride, the data speaks loud and clear -- riders who experience collisions without wearing helmets suffer astronomically greater chance of serious injury or death. Of course, protective gear extends to proper riding attire, too. As sexy as scars often are, you probably don't really want to incur a skin or muscle graft if you can avoid it.

However you choose to protect yourself on the road, get out there and enjoy these beautiful summer days while you still can.


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