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Training is critical for truck drivers

It's often said that teen drivers get in the most accidents because of their lack of experience. They make mistakes that adult drivers would never make.

While this is true, it's important to remember that even adult drivers, if they don't have a lot of experience, can make avoidable mistakes. This can lead to accidents and put other drivers in danger.

For example, one young truck driver -- just 24 years old -- got behind the wheel of a semi-truck. He set off for the day, likely expecting an uneventful day on the road.

What he got was just the opposite. Not realizing that his truck was too tall to fit under an upcoming bridge, he plowed into it. The semi truck was destroyed, the trailer smashed and wedged under the bridge. The driver lived through the accident, but he was lucky to avoid causing a chain-reaction crash. As it was, the road was blocked off while emergency crews cleaned up.

The kicker? It was the young man's very first day on the job. He probably hoped it would lead him to a long and successful career. With a first day like that, the odds are slim that that's where he's headed.

Many people make mistakes when it's their first day at a new job. They don't have experience. They may have training, but it's simply not the same.

However, most people don't drive vehicles that can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds when they're fully loaded. It's clear that this lack of experience is far more dangerous than what you'll find in other workplaces.

Accidents with semitrucks are no joke. A typical car likely weighs under 4,000 pounds. Hitting a semi that carries so much more mass, when an inexperienced driver makes a mistake, can be deadly.

The reports from the accident did not specify what type of GPS system the young man was using, if he was using one at all. However, after the crash, the authorities did put out a warning telling drivers about the importance of using systems that were up-to-date.

They also noted that truck drivers should have professional systems, which they can program for things like low bridges, plotting out courses that trucks can actually take. This is likely something that more experienced drivers would know to do automatically, but those with less experience may not think it makes that much difference.

Young semi drivers who make simple errors can cause disastrous accidents and leave other drivers and passengers with serious injuries in a split second. As with teen drivers, there may be an elevated risk when truckers don't have proper experience or training, and it may be necessarily to seek out financial compensation for medical bills.

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