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August 2017 Archives

AMA warns that LED streetlights may be dangerous for drivers

In June of 2016, the American Medical Association (AMA) issued a warning concerning the dangers of those bright LED streetlights you have seen lining New York streets. These LEDs emit a blue light that can disrupt your sleep and result in increased health risks such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. In addition, the AMA believes that these lights wreak havoc with a driver's night vision. This means that the city's LED lights may have contributed to the car accident you had a few nights ago.

The most common causes of deadly construction accidents

The Occupation Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has what it dubs construction's "fatal four," that is four common causes of deadly construction accidents which OSHA and, presumably state-level administrative agencies which do the same work, are trying hard to curb both in the New York City area and throughout this state.

Possible risks of anesthesia

In a major surgery, a New Yorker who is going under the knife is actually relying on at least two doctors to do their jobs well, the patient's surgeon and his or her anesthesiologist. Most major surgeries could not happen without anesthesia that sedates a person so they do not feel pain, and thus, will not move during the surgery.

4 things to do when stuck in a swarm of bikers

You're worried about getting caught in a swarm of bikers. You've seen the news footage. You watched the video of a driver in San Fransisco getting pulled from his car and thrown to the ground, surrounded by helmeted dirt bike riders after stopping in the middle of the interstate. You know they beat him up badly enough to break his leg before he got away, then they ran before the police arrived.

Is workers' comp the only program available for the injured?

New Yorkers who work in the construction injury know that it is a dangerous business. Any construction site presents some special hazards and risks, such as having to work near traffic or work in high places with less than sure footing. Even when the worker is being as careful as possible, serious accidents that can lead to permanent or long-term catastrophic injuries still can and do occur.

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