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Possible risks of anesthesia

In a major surgery, a New Yorker who is going under the knife is actually relying on at least two doctors to do their jobs well, the patient's surgeon and his or her anesthesiologist. Most major surgeries could not happen without anesthesia that sedates a person so they do not feel pain, and thus, will not move during the surgery.

However, the drugs an anesthesiologist deals with are powerful and, if not used exactly according to established standards, could cause life threatening medical complications. While one hopes this important doctor does his or her job well, there are still some risks to taking general anesthesia, and is important for New Yorkers to understand some of these risks and take appropriate action.

While anesthesiologists and their teams do a lot more than simply monitor drugs, making sure the anesthesia gets administered correctly is one of the most important things they do. Therefore, they will likely ask about a patient's medical history, and it is very important that the patient lets the team know if he or she, or a close relative has ever reacted badly to anesthesia before.

Conveniently, going over medical history with the anesthesiologist is a great opportunity to discuss the risks surrounding the anesthesia and also possible other options.

Another thing a patient can do is follow the doctor's instructions when the doctor says nothing by mouth during the final hours before surgery. Not following the instructions could cause trouble for the anesthesiologist during surgery since, with the medication, a person can easily vomit and then inhale the residue in to his or her lungs, causing a serious medical problem.

On the whole, though, the person who is responsible for making sure nothing goes wrong during the surgery with respect to the anesthesia is the anesthesiologist and his or her team. When they fail in this responsibility, injured patients may be able to get compensation through a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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