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Commercial truck inspections show trend of inadequate maintenance

Commercial trucks can pose a serious threat to those driving smaller passenger vehicles on the road. These massive vehicles take longer to stop, make wide turns and have huge blind spots. All of those factors increase the risk of a serious or even deadly collision with other vehicles. Even if other drivers do their best to share the road safely, it only takes a second for a commercial vehicle to become a danger to others.

That risk may be even greater in cases where the commercial truck in question has not been adequately maintained. Maintenance is critical to the performance of any vehicle. With commercial trucks, a failure to maintain could place other people at risk of a catastrophic or fatal collision. Although there are standards in place for the condition of commercial trucks, too many drivers and companies may try to side-step these critical regulations.

Many trucks may be in questionable condition

Just a few months ago, the Nebraska State Patrol conducted a large number of surprise commercial vehicle inspections. The results of their inspections were shocking, to say the least. Almost half (42 percent) of the 261 vehicles inspected were placed out-of-service. They had serious repair or maintenance issues that could result in a serious accident.

These surprise inspections targeted commercial vehicles that generally stayed in urban areas. By avoiding highway and interstate driving, these trucks were effectively bypassing inspection points. While this recent series of inspections happened far from the east coast, it's easy to see how commercial vehicles in New York could similarly fall into disrepair.

Maintenance can become costly

For those who work as owner-operators of commercial trucks and those who run companies that specialize in truck delivery and shipment services, repairs and maintenance can be a major and ongoing expense. Speed bumps, pot holes and other common issues with public roads can cause major damage over time, leading to reduced performance and the need for repairs.

While commercial trucks should get maintained carefully, some people gamble by putting off necessary repairs and maintenance to avoid expenses. After all, needing to inspect and repair these massive vehicles regularly can require specialized equipment and staff, to say nothing of replacement parts and productive time lost when the trucks get repaired.

Drivers have the right to a safe road

Everyone who drives on public roads should be able to do so knowing that overt risks are as minimal as possible. By failing to repair and maintain commercial trucks, which pose a real risk to others, drivers and business owners may incur serious liability in the event of an accident.

After a collision with a commercial vehicle, it can feel heartbreaking to realize everything could have been avoided if the vehicle had received proper maintenance. If you have reason to believe maintenance played a part in your crash, it could also mean the trucking company is liable for your losses.



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