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Be mindful of your rights after a commercial truck accident

It won't be much longer before the holiday season is in full swing, accelerating into Thanksgiving and right through the new year. With this, of course, comes the confluence of more challenging weather and increased traffic congestion. This congestion owes in part to the increase in holiday travel, and to the increase in freight transport at the end of the year.

The last several months of the year in the Northeast mean unpredictable winter weather, more cars on the roads and more large trucks attempting to share these same roads, while everyone is in a little extra hurry to get wherever they are going.

In many cases, this may spell disaster. The increases in each of these factors means it is more likely for private drivers to experience accidents involving large commercial trucks, which are rarely simple fender benders. The large majority of commercial truck accidents mean serious property damage and sometimes catastrophic damage to a person or even death.

At the same time, many truck drivers and shipping companies employing drivers are falling behind in their duties to maintain these huge vehicles. In recent surprise inspections over many trucks on the road, about half of the trucks inspected were placed out of service until they could properly pass safety inspections.

What if you experience a commercial truck accident?

If you or someone you love is doing a lot of driving this holiday season, you may experience just such an accident. If you do suffer a commercial truck accident, do not wait to reach out to an attorney who can begin representing your interests immediately. You don't have to wait until after the dust settles from the accident to secure legal representation. In fact, there are many ways that an attorney can protect you at the scene of the accident itself.

One of the most significant ways that you can benefit from an attorney at the scene of a crime is through help avoiding any action that may place you under unfair liability for the accident itself. An attorney can advise you before you speak to any other party, whether it is to police who come to the scene or to other parties involved in the accident.

Many of us, in an effort to be friendly or to dispel tension at the scene of an accident, may accidentally say something that another party may use to claim you are responsible for the accident. This is a very real threat that can affect the trajectory of an entire claim. Be sure to consult with legal counsel before you speak more than necessary at the scene of an accident.

An attorney arrives ready to work for your protection, identifying evidence you can use to build your claim and documenting the scene of the incident as well as gathering documentation, such as nearby security camera footage or driving logs maintained by the driver of the commercial truck.

Especially if you suffered some injuries, you have more important things to focus on than protecting your rights after an accident -- but it is important to be mindful of keeping yourself protected. Don't hesitate to seek out proper protection if you suffer in a commercial truck accident this holiday season.

Next time that you see a fleet of large trucks on the interstate, just remember that many of them may not pass a safety inspection, so keep your distance and drive carefully.

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