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December 2017 Archives

New York has strict laws on using phones while driving

Many people are attached to their phones and carry them at all times. People may need to stay connected to work, friends, or family. Many people also find that using their phones are a good way to pass the time when they are bored or have nothing else to do. Most of the time, using one's phone is a harmless thing to do. However, there are circumstances where using one's phone for any type of activity can be dangerous. One of the most dangerous situations to use one's phone is while a person is driving.

New York appeals court rules when wrongful birth lawsuit starts

There have been many advancements in all areas of life in New York over the years, and it is no different in the medical field. There are constantly new drugs, devices and procedures being developed to improve the current medical practice. Medical professionals can now treat certain conditions much better and diseases and injuries that once killed people now can be healed. There have also been many advances that now allow more people to have children. Many people utilize in vitro fertilization now if they cannot have children on their own.

Seeking compensation for catastrophic injuries from a third party

There are many construction projects throughout New York at any given time, and there are many construction workers working on those projects. There are also many different aspects of a construction project. There are electrical aspects, plumbing, sheet rock, concrete work, the use of cranes and many other aspects as well. Therefore, throughout the course of a construction project, there can be many different companies involved, specializing in different aspects of the job at various times.

Your insurance rates may rise after not-at-fault wrecks

If you are like many drivers in the greater New York City metro area, you may have gotten into a fender-bender caused by a negligent or inattentive driver. Maybe you brushed off some minor injuries because you didn't want to go through the hassle of filing a claim and medically documenting your injuries. You filed a claim against your collision damage policy but chalked up the injuries as just having a bad day.

Car accidents can cause traumatic brain injuries

Any time that people in New York get into a car, they could potentially get into a car accident. While people may know they should pay attention to the road and obey all the traffic laws, there are many distractions for drivers. Also, sometimes people are in a hurry to get somewhere and may break a few traffic laws that may be slowing them up. While these types of things are within the drivers' control, there is one thing that is not in their control and that is the actions of the other drivers on the road.

Handling a traffic accident in congested traffic

Perhaps better than anyone in the United States, drivers in New York understand the frustrations and dangers of driving in heavy traffic congestions. It is everyone's worst driving nightmare to have a stalled car or a fender bender clog up a lane (or two) during the morning or afternoon commute. These days, it seems that anytime of the day is rush hour. New Yorkers, in particular, aren't going to just drive by smiling after wasting a half-hour or more to zipper-merge around an accident site.  

What is 'res ipsa loquitur' in a medical malpractice case?

Many accidents happen every day in New York. Many of these accidents are somewhat harmless and may require some clean up, but beyond that they do not affect people's lives. However, other accidents can cause catastrophic injuries and completely change one's life and the lives of their families. These types of accidents can be very devastating both physically and financially.

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