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Car accidents can cause traumatic brain injuries

Any time that people in New York get into a car, they could potentially get into a car accident. While people may know they should pay attention to the road and obey all the traffic laws, there are many distractions for drivers. Also, sometimes people are in a hurry to get somewhere and may break a few traffic laws that may be slowing them up. While these types of things are within the drivers' control, there is one thing that is not in their control and that is the actions of the other drivers on the road.

So, even if a driver is driving perfectly and following all the rules, if others drivers do not, even a perfect driver could end up in an accident. These accidents can be very severe, and some people suffer catastrophic injuries, which can change their lives.

One of these types of catastrophic injuries is a traumatic brain injury. Car accidents account for 14.3 percent of all traumatic brain injuries. They can cause a number of different problems for the victim. When someone is in a car accident, there are a number of different ways they can suffer a brain injury. People can suffer these injuries if they have whiplash or other violent sudden shaking or rotations of the head. They could also hit their heads on windows or other hard objects in the car.

The severity of the injuries can vary. On the mild side, a person may have headaches, trouble sleeping, light sensitivities and other problems. On the severe side, a person may be in a coma, a vegetative state, minimally responsive state and have other major issues. In between these two extremes the person could suffer a number of both physical and mental problems.

Many people are in car accidents each day in New York. Some may just be fender benders, but many others result in severe injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries. These do not only change the person's life, but they can be very costly as well. The victims of these accidents may want to seek compensation. Experienced attorneys understand the devastation of these injuries and may be able to help one become whole again.

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