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77-year-old woman is killed in a hit-and-run crash

There are many vehicles travelling on the streets of New York. There are also many pedestrians walking to various locations throughout the city. There are sidewalks for these pedestrians and roads for the vehicles to keep pedestrians safe, but the vehicles and pedestrians do have to interact with each other at intersections. In many locations there are traffic control devices that signal when pedestrians can cross. It is important that both pedestrians and the vehicles obey the laws to avoid pedestrian accidents.

When the laws are not followed, pedestrians can be hit. In many incidences, a pedestrian can suffer catastrophic injuries or be killed, which is what recently happened to one woman. She was crossing a street as she was coming home from her morning prayers at her church when she was struck by a car. That car then fled the scene, leaving the woman lying in the street. By the time people found her and came to her assistance it was too late. Her family was devastated, and so, too, were others living in the neighborhood. The search is now on for the driver responsible for the accident.

Pedestrians typically have the right of way when crossing the street. However, vehicles do not always give them the right of way, which can result in disasters like the one discussed above. The family of the victim is now left grieving and seeking answers for why the car not only hit the woman, but also why they left her to die. There will probably always be an emotional hole in the family members' lives. However, these family members may be able to help hold the driver accountable, though, and recover compensation for their losses.

Many pedestrians are struck each year by various vehicles on the roads in New York. If an accident is the fault of the driver, then the victim and/or the victim's family may be entitled to compensation. This will obviously never bring the loved one back, but it can help ease financial strain during a difficult time. It can also provide a sense of justive by punishing those who drive negligently. These cases can be very complicated, though, especially during a highly emotional time. This is why experienced attorneys may be a useful resource.

Source:, "Search on for driver after woman killed in Queens hit-and-run" Al Jones, Lisa Rozner, Jan. 10, 2018

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