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Construction groups are against caps for construction accidents

There are many construction workers in New York who rely on their jobs to provide for themselves and their families. These construction workers understand that there are inherent dangers in the jobs that they perform. However, with the proper safety equipment and safety procedures many of these dangers can be mitigated and injuries can be prevented. In order to be effective though, these safety procedures need to be followed by everyone at the construction site.

This is not always the case, oftentimes resulting in construction accidents. These accidents can cause catastrophic injuries and even fatalities. They can also be very costly for victims, both physically and financially. Medical bills can add up very quickly, and a victim may also miss time at work and lose income as a result.

These construction workers may be entitled to compensation to help with these financial damages, but the New York City Council is now proposing caps to the amount an injured worker can receive. The compensation would be capped at $500,000 for companies and $150,000 for individuals who are responsible for the accident and injuries. A judge would have to weigh factors such as the severity of the injury, the extent of the negligence, the defendant's violation history when making award determinations.

Construction trade groups in New York are pushing back against the proposals. These groups are arguing that the companies' ability to pay should not factor in when the victims and their families need the money. They also believe that safety regulations need to be enforced.

Unfortunately, there are many construction accidents each year in New York, and many workers are injured as a result. These injuries can completely change an injured workers' life, and he or she may need compensation to help him or her get through the hardship imposed by the injury. Some of these injuries are very costly as well, which is why there has been a lot of push back against the proposed caps to damages in construction accidents. Any construction accident case is very fact specific though, which is why an experienced attorneys may be a useful resource.

Source:, "NYC council's plan for construction fatalities and injuries sparks pushback" Kim Slowey, Jan. 1, 2018

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