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What do workers' compensation benefits cover?

No one in New York likes being hurt or getting sick. Any type of injury or illness can affect a person's ability to do simple daily tasks that they are used to doing. However, some injuries and illnesses are much worse than others. Some of them can have major effects on one's life, forcing them to undergo long-term medical treatment. Medical conditions affect people's ability to work, as well. The extent of a medical condition's impact can be affected by the type of work an individual does, too.

The more manual labor one does for their job, the harder it is to perform their work duties when they are injured. One type of job that can require significant manual labor is construction. So, when construction accidents occur, they can really affect the workers ability to earn an income. These injured workers may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits to help with the costs, but workers' compensation benefits have limitations.

Workers' compensation generally pays for most medical costs incurred as a result of the accident, but procedures need to be approved ahead of time, which can be difficult. Also, workers' compensation, at a maximum, only pays two-thirds of a worker's average weekly pay. This can prove problematic, as most people rely on their full income and make lifestyle choices accordingly.

Workers' compensation also does not cover the pain and suffering of a workplace accident victim. However, a construction accident victim may be able to obtain compensation beyond that provided by workers' compensation by pursuing a third-party claim against anyone whose negligence contributed to the accident.

There are many construction accidents every year, and many construction workers are injured as a result. Recovering from the harm suffered in these incidences can be challenging and exacerbated when money becomes an issue. Workers' compensation and third-party personal injury lawsuits may provide relief, but legal difficulties can arise that threaten one's ability to obtain the financial stability he or she needs. For this reason, it may be wise for an injured worker to discuss his or her case with an experienced attorney.

Source: New York Workers' Compensation Board, "Workers' Compensation Benefits," accessed on Feb. 12, 2018

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