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May 2018 Archives

One man dies and another is injured in construction accident

There are many skyscrapers throughout New York. Some of these buildings have been there for a long period of time, but new buildings are being built and old buildings are being repaired constantly. Constructing a building of that size is not an easy task, as many people need to perform various tasks to finish the project. There are also many pieces of equipment that are also used in these projects. The combination of these things and the high heights at which the work is performed means that all safety regulations must be followed to avoid construction accidents.

Statistics show seriousness of motorcycle accidents

When the weather begins to warm in spring and summer, New Yorkers tend to leave their homes more to enjoy outdoor activities. One of these activities is riding motorcycles. As a result, this time of year often sees a significant increase in the number of motorcyclists on the road.

Requirements for nursing homes regarding medical treatment

As people grow older in New York, various medical issues tend to arise. These could be physical problems that affect one's ability to move around on their own. It could also be illnesses that arise and require constant care. Sometimes there are issues which affect the mind like Alzheimer's. People in these situations may need to move into nursing homes to receive the adequate care they need. Because these individuals require this type of care it is very important that the nursing homed properly care for them.

Who can be held liable under Labor Law 240?

People who enter construction work in New York understand that there are certain dangers inherent in the type of work that they do. In many types of construction, there is exposure to heavy machinery, power tools, and toxic fumes, and people oftentimes must work at high heights. Other potentially dangerous conditions can exist, too. When carried out correctly, the job is generally safe, but this does not always happen. This can lead to construction accidents.

Child crossing the street fatally struck in hit-and-run accident

Many times it is easier to walk to a place in New York than it is to drive. So, there are often a number of pedestrians on New York's streets at any given time. People stay on sidewalks as much as possible to help ensure their safety, but pedestrians usually have to cross streets to get to where they need to go. Pedestrians have the right-of-way when crossing in crosswalks and are obeying traffic signals, but not all motorists pay attention when they are driving, which places pedestrians at great risk of harm.

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