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Risks involved with C-sections could lead to medical malpractice

Giving birth is a natural process, but how babies in New York are delivered varies depending on the circumstances. While the ideal way is through a vaginal birth, there are many mothers who need to deliver their baby by a cesarean delivery. This involves making incisions in the mother and removing the baby from the uterus through the abdominal wall. Anytime a person goes through a surgery of this nature there are risks involved. Cesarean deliveries are no different.

With this type of operation there is an increased risk for infections, blood loss, scar tissue that can cause pain and future problems, extended recovery and stay in the hospital leading to less initial bonding with their babies, and other risks. There are also risks to the child in question such as breathing problems, low APGAR scores because they do not receive the same stimulation as those delivered vaginally, and injuries such as nicks and cuts during the surgery itself.

These are serious risks. While cesarean delivery is sometime the necessary or safer option, other times it is not necessary and only exposes the mother and child to unnecessary risks. If a doctor recommended it or pushed for a C-section when it was unnecessary, then they may be opening themselves to a medical malpractice lawsuit if the mother or baby suffered harm as a result.

There are many things that can go wrong when delivering a child, but there can be increased risks with the cesarean delivery, especially when they are carried out negligently. Doctors who give bad recommendations or make mistakes during necessary cesarean deliveries may be held liable via a medical malpractice lawsuit. If successful on one of these claims, the medical professional may be required to compensate the victim for harm suffered. Experienced attorneys understand these matters and may be able to guide one through it.

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