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Spinal cord injuries suffered in accident can change one's life

Car accidents occur every day in New York, oftentimes leaving people's lives severely impacted in a negative fashion. Some individuals are fortunate enough to walk away from these car accidents with no injuries and only minor damage that is nothing more than an inconvenience to deal with. However, there are many other people who are seriously injured in these wrecks. Far too often their lives are changed forever by them. One type of injury that can completely reshape one's life is a spinal cord injury. Car accidents are the leading causes of this type of harm.

The spinal cord has an extremely important role in the body in that it transports messages from the brain to the rest of the body. When these messages cannot get to their destination, the recipient body part will not function. Tragically, many times this damage is irreversible, meaning that a spinal cord injury victim may be without movement in parts of his or her body for the rest of his or her life. This may mean that a victim may never be able to walk again.

These injuries are costly to treat, too. There are the initial costs for immediate care such as surgeries, but a victim will also likely require long-term rehabilitation and expensive medical assistance equipment. Spinal cord injuries cost the U.S. approximately $9.7 billion each year due to the amount of medical attention they require. '

Fortunately, victims of these accidents may not need to pay for these costs out of their own pocket if they can succeed on a personal injury lawsuit. This, however, can be a challenging endeavor that often best approached with the assistance of a legal professional.

Many people in New York suffer from spinal cord injuries. While not every one of these injuries arises from a car accident, car wrecks are the leading cause of them. Victims of these accidents can be left in an extremely difficult position both physically and financially. They may be entitled to compensation, though, which may allow them to obtain financial stability while focusing on their physical health. Experienced attorneys understand the importance of imposing liability and recovering, which is why they stand ready to aggressively assist those who have been wronged.

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