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When does GPS use count as distracted driving?

When you use a GPS device, it has the potential to actually make you a safer driver. When set up for a trip and used correctly, it can be a seamless navigational aid. As a result, you won't become distracted by stressing out about which way you need to turn next. This allows you to focus on driving safely, while staying aware of traffic delays and hazards that may present themselves. However, it is also important to acknowledge the potential dangers of using a GPS while driving.

What are the potential dangers of using a GPS while driving?

If you are using a GPS system that is not optimized to minimize distractions, e.g., one on your phone that relies on what could be a poor 4G internet connection, these systems have the potential to contribute to car crashes. Serious injuries can result from improperly use of navigational aids.

For example, using your phone's GPS system can allow distracting phone notifications that divert your attention from navigating the road ahead. In addition, if you are a commercial truck driver, an unreliable GPS system may fail to warn you of traffic dangers ahead that you should anticipate.

It is therefore very important that you use a reliable GPS system that is intended for use by commercial truck drivers.

What happens if I become injured in an accident due to an unreliable GPS?

If you or another person becomes injured in an accident due to an unreliable GPS, it may be possible to take legal action in order to claim damages. You will likely need to show that the GPS system showed faulty information or led you down a dangerous route in some way.

If you have been injured in an accident in New York and you believe that a faulty GPS was to blame, it is important to take action to stand up for your rights.

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