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July 2018 Archives

Drunk driver of construction crane creates destruction

The bigger the vehicle that causes a traffic accident, the more the destruction left behind in its wake. People often see truck accidents and the devastation they cause but a recent accident involving a crane may prove to be more damaging than one involving an 18-wheeler.

Safety on a construction site can't be taken for granted

When it comes to working in construction, there is nothing that needs to be taken more seriously than your safety. The construction industry is extremely dangerous, and people know it. Fortunately, employers have a great deal of resources to help people, like yourself, make fewer mistakes and stay safer on the job.

Recover compensation after accident

Everyone deserves to earn their living in a safe working environment, whether their workspace is an office or a construction site. It is an employer's duty to ensure this, by either removing potential safety hazards or training employees on how to deal with safety hazards. When this duty is breached and an employee is injured in a construction accident that results in catastrophic injuries, they find themselves struggling to make ends meet and cover their medical expenses at the time when finances are often the tightest.

Working around potential defenses to Labor Law 240

There are many dangerous activities in New York, but these can usually be carried out safely when using the proper equipment. People go skydiving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, and engage in other potentially dangerous recreational activities. These types of activities are optional, but there are many construction workers who face many hazard simply doing their jobs on a daily basis. However, just like those who engage dangerous activities for fun, construction workers can oftentimes perform their job duties in a safe fashion when using the proper equipment.

Considering a drink? It could age your brain.

As someone who suffered injuries in a car crash caused by an intoxicated driver, you're in a position to understand how dangerous drinking and driving really is. For most people, the intoxication starts to dissipate within a few hours after their last drink. However, there are also longer lasting consequences for some.

Several people injured in accident while riding in limo

Many unexpected things happen in New Yorker's lives that can reshape the way they live One of these events is a car accident. Not all car accidents leave people with major injuries, but some suffer serious injuries from which they may never recover. These injuries can also be very costly for a victim, as medical expenses and lost wages may take quite a toll on a victim's finances.

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