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Safety on a construction site can't be taken for granted

When it comes to working in construction, there is nothing that needs to be taken more seriously than your safety. The construction industry is extremely dangerous, and people know it. Fortunately, employers have a great deal of resources to help people, like yourself, make fewer mistakes and stay safer on the job.

Construction accidents are fairly common in the United States, but they are avoidable with the right education. With these five safety tips, it's easier to stay safe regardless of what you're doing on the job. Here are a few things to keep in mind the next time you're working.

1. You need the right gear

Yes, you might be finalizing a single step in a project, and it might be faster to do it without the right safety gear than to go get your appropriate attire, but don't take that risk. Whether you need to wear a hardhat or need rubber-insulated gloves to avoid electric shock, don't cut corners and forget your gear to save time.

Many companies make the mistake of not providing the right equipment or enforcing its use to save time. Earnings pressure can be hard on professionals, but the reality is that it's necessary to put your employees first, even if that means a lower profit margin.

2. You should take breaks when you need them

Getting too tired, hungry or frustrated during a project can lead to mistakes and injuries. Avoid this by taking breaks regularly. Add extra break time if you're working when it's extremely hot or cold, so you avoid health consequences from your environment.

It's been shown in a study by researchers Judson Caskey and N. Bugra Ozel that companies that meet or exceed profit forecasts have more injuries than those that do not, so it's vital for companies to remember to put their employees first instead of pushing them too hard.

3. You should wear reflective clothing

Whether it's the day or night, reflective clothing helps you stand out to the people around you. Good reflective gear makes you highly visible, keeping you out of harm's way.

4. Everyone should encourage healthy eating habits

Taking a lunch break is necessary for people to stay energetic and focused on the job at hand. Don't skip lunch to save time, because that could result in errors down the line due to fatigue, hunger or other issues.

5. You should attend safety meetings

Having daily or weekly safety meetings might seem like overkill, but the reality is that these safety meetings help update you on the conditions you're working in and how to stay safe. Attend these meetings, even if you think they're a waste of time, because you may learn something that saves your life on the job.

Construction work isn't easy, and safety steps have to be taken to keep workers protected against injury. Follow the above five steps and remember that everyone in the workplace needs to pitch in to prevent injuries on the job.


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